6 Easy to Build Backyard Projects to Keep the Husband Busy

Do you or your husband love to spend time in the yard? Do you love pottering around and fixing up old furniture? Perhaps you might enjoy installing your own do-it-yourself pergola or building a wood fired oven. For some it could be anything that means you can enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your own home. Here are some great ideas to keep you and your partner busy in the backyard.

Wood fired Oven: Perhaps you are inspired by the beauty and practicality of the Mediterranean style of life. Perhaps you miss the rustic alfresco cooking of your homeland or maybe you just want to be able to make your own bread and pizza in an authentic wood fired oven. A clay or brick oven is the perfect project for anyone looking for something to build that will provide years of enjoyment.

Not only will a wood fired oven help you make delicious breads and pizza, it will provide a unique talking point when you’re entertaining and create a hub of warmth and excitement for your family.

Sandbox: If you’ve got kids, you know how much they love sand. They love to roll around in it, dig it, build it and wriggle their toes in it. This is the perfect project for dad to complete in a weekend and one that the kids will gets years of enjoyment out of. With some timber, nails, plastic and a load of sand you will be amazed at how easy this can be.

Furniture: Building a table or chair can be one of the most satisfying projects for the home hobby fan. Adirondack chairs ooze romance and charm displayed on a patio. Even a simple footstool, drinks table or work bench can add such comfort to your outdoor experience. There are plenty of kits available to build all kinds of outdoor furniture.

Vegetable Garden: For the home farmer nothing can be more important than a raised garden bed; somewhere to grow seasonal vegetables and aromatic herbs. Much like the construction of a sandbox, a raised vege garden will need timber, some reinforcing brackets and couple of nails. This is project that shouldn’t take longer than a weekend to complete and will reap delicious rewards season after season.

Pergola: No house seems quite complete without a pergola. What’s more, they would have to be one of the simplest projects for the home renovator or yard-lover. All you need is the timber, tools and a little know-how to construct a traditional timber pergola. A pergola will look wonderful painted or stained to complement your house and will just become more attractive over time as your climbing jasmine or wisteria blooms year after year. With a simple plastic roof, the pergola will also be a lovely retreat from the hot sun or the rain.

Patio: If you’re not one for timber construction and are looking for a more ground level type of project, why not try paving your own patio area? All you need is the base materials and some pavers and away you go. This is project ideal for someone working alone and perhaps a littler older, as it does not require heavy lifting and balancing. This project can be completed over time and will become a great source of pride and beauty.

Mary J. Gibson

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