600 Watt High Pressure Sodium Lamp

Those who don’t know too much about a 600 Watt High Pressure Sodium Lamp should start learning more about it, as this type of lamp can prove to be very useful. A high pressure sodium lamp is a type of lamp that uses sodium in order to produce light. Some sodium lamps are low pressure ones, while others are high pressure. The difference between the two is represented by the fact that a high pressure lamp has a broader spectrum in which concerns the light, but the color rendering is poorer.

This type of light being 600 Watts and HPS is a type of sodium lamp that produces as much light as a 600 Watt light bulb. Such lamps are highly appreciated especially by the cities that have large astronomical observatories, as the level of pollution they produce is much lower than the level of pollution produced by mercury vapor lamps.

Are you interested in learning more about the 600 Watt high pressure sodium bulb? Well, the 600 watt high pressure sodium lamp is smaller than a low pressure lamp and contains mercury as additional element. When such a lamp is first struck, the light it produces is of a dark pink glow; however, the dark pink glow changes into a pinkish orange as soon as the lamp is warmed. If the mercury manages to achieve the high pressure level, then the light produced by such a lamp is going to be of a very pure to a bluish white. A lot of people already use these lamps, as the photopic lighting conditions measurements have showed the fact that they are efficient.

Have you ever asked yourself why the large astronomical observatories use such lights? Well, the answer stands in their level of pollution, which is very low. Even the cities that are located near large astronomical observatories use these lamps for the street illumination. The 600 Watt high pressure sodium lamp has proved to be excellent for the urban illumination and this is the reason why this type of lamp became extremely popular. The lamp cannot be used anymore when the sodium is completely used. However, the life span is quite long and this is another of the many reasons why such lamps are recommended for the urban illumination. If you need it for your garden or in order to illuminate the backyard, you should know that there are specialized companies that sell such lamps!

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