Bathroom Mirror – As Important As Personal Grooming Itself

You wake up very late in the morning. You’re late! You have a big meeting that will start in a few minutes and you have not even washed your face first. Of course you will skip breakfast, you’re late. Of course you will not sit and read the morning newspaper, you’re late. The very thing that you want to do now is to get in your office and be ready to face a crowd of colleagues, superiors, and prospective clients. You want to be in there, right there and then. But not just yet, not just yet…

You can skip breakfast and you can skip your normal morning routine of reading the newspaper. But you cannot skip a bathroom routine. You can even skip bathing, but not that one, you have to, you just have to, check yourself in the bathroom mirror. Especially now that you are about to be in a very important meeting, you have to be presentable, and that includes your physical image. You just can’t look presentable when you have all the marks of an (apparently a very) good night sleep. And the only way you’ll know if you are fine to go out now and run to your office or if you still need a little (but much needed) grooming is by looking at your trusty bathroom mirror. Your bathroom mirror will tell you what needs to be done, and from it you’ll know if you can now run. That’s how important, personal grooming is, that’s how important a bathroom mirror is.

So, you can always buy meals at take-out counters outside your place, and you can always read the newspaper supply of your office, and you can always (although hopefully not) postpone taking a bath, but you can never, not have a bathroom mirror. It seems to be as necessary as the bathroom itself.

The bathroom mirror comes with wide range of designs, shapes, sizes, and of course colors. There are the simple but beautiful frames made of wood or metal, among others. There are the frames with intricate designs. You can have a bathroom mirror that is big enough for you to check your whole body, and there is also of course a bathroom mirror which is just large enough for you to check your face. Most bathroom mirrors are designed to hand on the bathroom wall, but if you have a bigger space, you can have a bathroom mirror that reclines at a desired angle. There are of course special mirrors, like the common bathroom mirror which is also a medicine or toiletries cabinet. And since a bathroom is almost always wet, there is the fog-free bathroom mirror which as the name suggests, eliminates the problem of precipitations on the mirror when the bathroom gets extra humid. The important thing is, you have to find the one that suits your taste, your bathroom (space), and of course, the always important budget.

A bathroom mirror is so important that you just have to look at it (and to yourself of course) even though every second that goes by means you are getting more late for work or school. But then again, you can always wake up early and not curse every second while you are in front of your bathroom mirror.

Mary J. Gibson

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