Camping Equipment for the Winter Outdoorsman

It may be cold, but life doesn’t “freeze”. The winter months are considered hunting and fishing season. So there are a lot of hunters, fishermen and campers that will gather their equipment and set course for the outdoors. For these winter camping, hunting and fishing trips, what is the idea camping equipment to pack?

Here are 5 essential winter camping products that will work best on your next outdoor trip.

  1. Fleece inserted sleeping bag

This sleeping bag has a soft fleece inner and thick padding to keep you warm against the cold night. It also has a built-in cushion for extra comfort and it straps onto stretcher taffeta fabric. This sleeping bag is suitable for most people as it is 2100mm x 950mm x 70mm in size. Thus, making it a must have item on your winter hunting or camping trip.

  1. Canvas tent

The 4-Man Canvas Tent is one of the best options. It will keep the wind and cold outside. This tent is made of 600 x 300d polyester and a PVC coating. It has a seam tape of 1000mm and also a water column. The groundsheet is made of PE and is waterproof. It is a comfortable size at 2400mm x2100mm x 1300mm and is supplied with a fibreglass pole and steel pegs. This tent is designed and made to keep the wind, cold and rain out.

  1. Mini Skottle Braai

Nobody enjoys eating cold food. With the Mini Skottle Braai that is no longer a problem. The Mini Skottle Braai is small and compact. It can be set up anywhere and connects to a gas cylinder between 1.7kg and 3kg. You can easily and quickly prepare a braai, heat up cold food and boil water on it which makes it perfect for the outdoor environment.

  1. Fisherman’s Lamp

We all know the beauty of the night sky, but along with the beauty follows the dark. So lighting becomes a very important need when outdoors. The Fisherman’s Lamp is the perfect item for this purpose. It has 500CP strength and can screw directly onto a gas cylinder size of between 1.7kg and 6kg. It is the perfect lamp for lighting up open spaces and can be set to the brightness of your preference.

  1. Cylinder/Parabolic Heater

Keeping warm is essential when you are outdoors in winter. But we all don’t want the smoke and smell that comes from making a fire. The solution is simple. The Cylinder/Parabolic Heater is the perfect item for this. It screws directly onto a 1.7kg to 6kg cylinder and is perfect for camping, fishing and hunting. It comes standard with a large ceramic panel that will push out sufficient heat to warm you up when you are outdoors. It is also compact and can be packed away easily when travelling.

  1. Portable toilet

The lavatory, a need and must-have necessity no matter where you are. So this is camping equipment that you will definitely need if you don’t want to sit outside in the bushes in the blistering cold. You can keep the toilet in a tent and use it like a bathroom. It has a 10 litre capacity at the top and 20 litre at the bottom. Please remember to get the toilet chemical as well.

Mary J. Gibson

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