Care and Maintenance of Bathroom Floors

A clean floor is important, especially in the bathroom. Caring for and maintaining a bathroom floor is important, because no matter if you have tile, laminate or bamboo, it needs to be cleaned and maintained. After putting the money into the floor, you should want to maintain it, and take care of it.

One way of taking care of the floor is keeping it protected. Placing washable rugs on it will prevent it from becoming nicked and scratched. These rugs will also soak up any water from spills and overflows. Having a rug can be a first line of defense when it comes to water messes.

Another way to keep care and maintenance of the bathroom floor is to invest in a steam mop or mopping system. While you might not clean it everyday, keeping off from dirt and grime is essential to keeping the bathroom floor taken care of. Steam and hot water can go a long way when it comes to removing dirt and grime.

Diluting the cleaning product is another way of protecting the floor. While the chemical that is in today’s market are very great at cleaning, they sometimes can strip the protective seals off the floor, leaving a bathroom floor susceptible to damage and decay. Keeping these chemicals diluted or altogether avoided can protect it from any damage.

Along with these are just some simple tips to clean and maintain your bathroom floor. Sometimes, the good old fashion way of elbow grease will do the best when you are cleaning it. Getting down on your hands and knees with a scrub bush and bleach is the best thing for a dirty floor. Bleach can damage special floors, so spot check before you got to start scrubbing with a bleach mixture.

Another idea for protection of the floor is having it resealed every five to seven years. Since the bathroom is the room that is most likely to have water messes, making sure that it’s waxed and sealed regularly will protect it from damage.

Caring for and maintaining a bathroom floor should not be a tedious work, it can be simple and basic as spot cleaning weekly and doing a major scrub two or three times a year. One does need to make sure that the bathroom floor is free of standing water to protect it from rot and wraps. Keeping rugs and a steamer on hand can really protect the integrity of the floor.

Mary J. Gibson

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