Natural stone has been employed for flooring for 1000’s of many years in community properties, locations of worship, royal residences and grand houses because of its beauty and durability. Normal illustrations of normal stone are limestone, granite, slate and marble and they are all carved out of rock that has […]

Holidays are planned for a wonderful memory. Himalayan destination of Nepal offers travelers with cultural, natural, adventure, and wildlife experience. A blend of these experience will definitely make a memorable Nepal holiday. Soaking around the Kathmandu medieval like old town and soaking up its atmosphere. In some places, this amazing […]

There are 4 garage floor coverings that just about anyone can apply in 1-3 days. Each solves various concrete flooring problems. Pricing ranges from $.50 to $3.50 per square foot with unlimited decorative results from basic gray to custom checkerboard patterns. 1. Interlocking garage floor tiles – Classic auto auctions […]

Wood floor restoration covers a vast provision. It covers so many different elements that joined together make one of the most incredible services. It is important that if you are considering a restoration project that you are equipped with the knowledge about what to expect. This knowledge will mean you […]

Lightning strokes, which amount to 200 kA or 300 kV, cause hazards to the equipment or location, so lightning protection is crucial for operation. Let us start with the initial note as to what is lightning and why lightning protection is so important. The basic phenomenon behind lightning is that […]