Comfort Is the Luxury Every Person Dreams Of

Why have an interior designing and an interior designer is the question that strikes my head! Whenever I see an elegant inner space, why can’t we do it on our own when it’s so simple and easy? I tried this on my room, I succeeded in doing it, but it took an enormous amount of time and money. Most of the money went into getting suitable materials. I changed materials and colors more than four times to get the combination I wished for.

What is a common person’s place in India where interiors play a vital role!

Imagine a small nuclear family consisting of four members including kids. The father, the head of the family, leaves to work in the morning, works hard with loads of pressure from management and clients. When he comes home in the evening, he looks for mental peace and relaxation to his body.

But when he comes home expecting peace, if the doors make cranky noises or the water is leaking in the washroom and there’s no proper ventilation, he gets frustrated to the core and starts reacting in a bad way even for little things (like kids playing or studying aloud) and sends negative signals to his family members.

Likewise, his wife loses temper over silly things along with the kids creating a great distance between one another. The children start quarreling with friends, start using abusive language, become aggressive and lose interest in their studies. Elders inspire kids a lot who tend to imitate them as role models.

Dad starts avoiding home after office, starts hanging out with friends, which turns into parties which in return leads to loss of health and money. Mom back home spends most of the time thinking about all the hard work she puts in making the family happy which actually is in vain. She delays the actual planning of the monthly finances and major issues regarding kids and home.

An apple a day keeps a doctor away! An Interior Designer keeps all your problems away not just for you but for your entire family!

Mary J. Gibson

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