Dunlopillo Beds – How to Choose the Right One

For many people choosing the right bed is a matter of looking out for special designs, features and little add-ons that come with a bed. However, the most important thing is comfort and the trick is to try out the bed before making any purchase. Most people do not realise that a bed is the most important furniture and investment in a household. People carry on their day to day activity without realising that their daily performance at work or anywhere else is affected by the amount of comfort and rest they get during the night.

A special feature of Dunlopillo Beds is the superior support system and special attention to comfort. Different types of Dunlopillo beds will have its own appeal to different individuals according to their preferences. Below is a quick guide on how to choose the right one.

TempSmart has four categories namely Coronation, Millennium, Memoir and Moderno. This range features a unique stretchable mattress cover made up of a latex core and has temperature control properties, which radiates heat when it is cold and cools down when it gets warm. A special feature of the mattress is that even though two people lay on the same bed it adapts itself to the body temperature of each individual separately. This range is available between medium and firm comfort depending on personal preference.

Harmonize has three categories which are Celeste, Nouveau and Renaissance. The Harmonize range is ideal for people living in cold climates or for those wintery seasons when temperatures drop down and it gets really cold. It has an additional layer of padding which is scientifically developed for storing heat which slowly releases itself according to the temperature of the body. Moreover, the cover is designed to improve air circulation to reduce the humidity level which builds up inside the mattress.

Classic range has three categories namely Royal sovereign, Diamond and Firmrest. The Classic range is the firmest compared to the other ranges and suits those who are looking for a firm yet soft and comfortable mattress. It comes with a softly woven top layer, which maximises the air circulation for well ventilated and healthy nights sleep.

Fusion has two categories, which are Cocoon luxury 3 and Deep cocoon 5. Cocoon luxury 3 is made with the highest density three-zoned Dunlopillo foam, and comes with a softly woven cover to provide the body with a supportive and firm feel. Deep cocoon 5 on the other hand, is made with the highest density five zoned Dunlopillo foam and comes with a soft and luxurious cover to provide the body with a supportive and medium feel.

Size Guidelines

Size & Dimensions

Single – 92cm x 188cm

Long Single – 92cm x 204cm

King Single – 107cm x 204cm

Double – 138cm x 188cm

Queen – 153cm x 204cm

King – 183cm x 204cm

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