Elements of Modern Web Designing

Modern website design is not all about looking; it has more to do with industrial and product design, unlike the old ways which had more in common with graphic design. The way a site functions and the content it delivers go hand in hand with cutting – edge graphic and colours. A modern website design is much more than only to present a website; it boosts the looking and functionality of a website. It’s all about the users, to target them. Websites are there for the customers or to target them. A website should design for all kinds of devices like smartphones, laptops, desktops tab, etc, for all kinds of screens, from big screen to the small screen.

Some essential elements are needed to consider to present a website that is truly modern design and efficient at the same time. The elements you need to consider are:

Unique typography

The typography you use on your website, it makes an impression on your visitors about your business. It is important to choose the right typography of your brand name; you need a typography that can depict the image of your brand. If you want a modern and young feel of your site, then San serif would be the better choice.

However, choosing the font is your preference. When you are deciding on the right typeface, remember to think about the legibility, colour, and audience you’re targeting.

Use of Videos and Patterns as a Background

Showing the visuals is one of the biggest changes in web design concepts. You will notice that many websites trick its visitors by showing the appealing and eye – catching visual long homepage content. In addition, there are so many companies have opted for a minimalist approach. They have clear most of the text on the page and implemented large photography or the website in the background.

Whether it is a background image or a video, it helps to attract the visitors and tell them what you are offering and what you are about in a thoughtful and attractive way.

Bold Colours

One more element is important in your website: colours, yes colours play an important role for your website. A correct combination can affect how successful your website is in accumulating customers and keeping them on your homepage.

Hover Effects

When users place their cursors over the part of the website where the hover effect is present, the colour changes and the feature highlights. This effect makes the user experience rich, but they are not intrusive at all.

Flat Design

The flat deign is on simple illustrations that take hold of the reader’s attention. This makes the site look radiant and clean. These designs guide the user directly to the content and make sure that they don’t get distracted by the fancy design. This will make your website load fast without all over – technical aspects.

Hamburger Menus

One of the most popular elements for mobile friendly sites is the hamburger menu, which usually consist of three horizontal lines at the top of the corner of a website. When you click on the menu a navigational drop – down will be expanded. This feature is widely used by sites because it keeps the page minimalist. It is clear, clutter free, and simplistic to help the visitors. A hamburger menu is also allowing you to group more links.

Scroll-To-Page Sections

There are some websites with modern designs, which have this scroll – to – page sections feature. When a user clicks on a link on a webpage, the page directly brought to a different part of the web page. Some websites are designed with this feature; they have designed the navigation in such a way that has links to the most important sections on the site, where they want their readers to go and have a glance. For an instance, if you click on a review section, the page will scroll to the review section, where you can read reviews about. And if you want to know about the company information, when you click on to company this will take you to the company webpage.

These small additions are really beneficial for websites to promote the usability and user experience. The older websites which are still focusing on designing than the content may lose in the long run, because now modern design practices to possible to go hand in hand, to provide better usability to the users.

Mary J. Gibson

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