Epoxy Garage Flooring – Epoxy Vs Polyurea, Adhesion

There are two competing goods in the garage ground coating field: the standard utilized epoxy/polyurethane coatings, and the fairly newer polyurea coatings. 1st, the coatings are chemically linked they share a typical chemistry.

Each coatings have remarkable adhesion homes, and are pretty resilient, at minimum in comparison to typical paint products. An additional introductory place is that although marketed as “polyureas”, garage ground polyurea goods are definitely hybrids. A pure polyurea cures in 15 seconds or so–of course not quite easy to apply except if it is sprayed. Pure polyureas are sprayed, and used in industrial programs.

Strenghth and Adhesion

Adhesion is significant mainly because garage floors get a beating. If the adhesion amongst coating and cement floor fails, then the project fails. The two polyureas and epoxies adhere tenaciously to the surfaces to which they are utilized-but only when the underlying area is well prepared properly.

The issue with polyureas is that the lowered drying time may well not sufficiently “soaked” the concrete surface to which it is utilized. This wetting of a area means absorption, which signifies adhesion. We know that Premier Garage takes advantage of some type of hybrid, and the new lawsuit introduced by some of its franchisees involved, as just one of its statements, allegations that PremierGarage’s hybrid items lack adhesion.

It is really only an allegation nevertheless, and I would suspect that the problem might lie in the surface preparing, rather than the coating houses. Right here in Austin, the one Leading Garage set up I observed was ready with an acid answer, and not with a bodily grinder. That is a recipe for catastrophe–the finest preparing is usually area grinding.

All in all, polyurea hybrids and epoxy coatings, when used about nicely-ready surfaces, have much more than ample adhesion qualities to adhere to even imperfect concrete for at minimum a ten years.

Mary J. Gibson

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