Five Haunted Places in India That Will Give You the Iciness of the Dead

Have you ever experienced the dead? The ice-cold feeling that you are not alone in the dark room, or the creepy thought that someone is watching you even though you know that there’s no one around. Everyone of us have heard stories of the dead, when we were kids. There are always some old stories associated that tells about the presence of the dead in the nearby surroundings, a house haunted by the person who used to live in the house who died due some unfortunate mishap, an old hotel that is visited by the caretaker who has been dead from ages, or a location that is visited by the dead at certain time of night.

Places like these always had been one of the top topics of discussion and significant point of interest to many. A large part of the country’s population still believe in ghosts and supernatural. Ghost, spirits, whatever one may call them, but they are a part of supernatural that are beyond our understandings. And, it is because of this that many people among us want to experience the chills of the hunted places. This article is a list of top five haunted places in India that are most scariest and have evidences of several sightings of the dead.

Before going any further, this is a reminder to the faint-hearted to not to go in the below listed places, as they might experience stuff that are too much to take.

  • GP Block, Meerut – Although not so popular, the GP Block in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh is one of the top haunted locations in India. Various sightings of four guys sitting inside the house with a single candle lighted has been reported on a number of occasions, although nobody lives in the house. This is the most common sight reported by people passing through the area. There are also reports of girls wearing red dress coming out of the house and in some occasions, some boys sitting at the rooftop. The place is abandoned and people have stopped going there.

  • Delhi Cantt., New Delhi – Yes, even the capital of the nation is haunted at several locations. The Delhi Cantt. area, is one of the eerie area in the city where multiple sightings of the dead were reported. The area is full of lush and green trees and plants, many people have said that they have seen a lady clad wearing white saari and asking for lift. If you will not stop your vehicle, then she will start running behind your vehicle as if she’s going to catch you. And, you might not believe that, many have reported that she even reaches ahead of them. Some people claim that she was a hitchhiker when she was alive and that is why she waves at the lonely passersby. Besides Delhi Cantt, the Lothian cemetery, Sanjay van, Jamali Kamali Mashjid are some of the other haunted places in the city.

  • Kuldhara, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan – This one of the most interesting haunted destinations in India. It is so because, legends are there that on one night of 1825, this lively village and other 83, neighbouring villages suddenly got vanished. No one knows where this large number of people went. It is said that the former people who lived in the villages, cast a curse on the location behind, which says that the location would bring death to anyone who tried to inhabit the land. It is very likely that’s why many parts of the village still remains. The breaking brick structures stretch out to all direction with a ghostly silence spread throughout the village.

  • Forts of Bhangarh, Alwar, Rajasthan – This is other haunted place in the state of Rajasthan. The fort was actually built by Raja Bhagwant Das in 1573 as the residence of his second son. But soon after that the location’s population started to decline. A popular myth associated with the location is that a magician cursed the residents that they all will die an unnatural death and their spirits will haunt the place for centuries. The place is pretty deserted and it will freak any living mortal, who visits the place.

  • Brij Raj Bhavan Palace, Kota, Rajasthan – Last but not the least is the 178 years old palace of former princely of Kota. Rumors are there that the palace has a resident ghost, namely of Major Burton, who while serving as British official was killed by India sepoys during the mutiny of 1857, along with his two sons. People have reported that an elderly man with can in his hand wonders around the place. Though the ghost doesn’t harms anybody, but if any guards are sleeping in the palace then Major Burton slaps them.

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