Freelance Data Entry Jobs to Make Money at the Comfort of Your Home

Data entry jobs are simple typing jobs. These jobs can be done from your home and make good money in spare time. This is ideal work for house wives, college students, unemployed and anyone who needs extra money. Data entry jobs offer $7 to $25 per hour depends on the company and the assignment.

Big companies, hospitals and legal firms have tons and tons of data to enter online. They get this work done by data management service providers. There are three kinds of freelance data entry jobs available for work from home workers, namely general transcription, legal transcription and medical transcription.

When you join any data entry company, you will be given a password to access their website. You can choose your own hours to work for them from your home. Enter their websites using the password given to you and type data online. You should have minimum typing speed and efficient and fluent in any language in order to perform this data entry work.

General transcription:

This type of data entry job does not need much skill. You can simply type online documents into forms and submit them to data management service companies. All you need is a computer and internet. You may work as many hours as you like and make money at the comfort of your home.

Legal transcription:

Little experience of working in any legal firm may help you do this work. If you understand the legal terms and words you can do this work without any mistake. Most of these kinds of jobs need accuracy in spelling and grammar.

Medical transcription:

Medical transcription job is another good data entry job. Little experience in working with a hospital or chemist would help you much in this job. Medical terminologies are little difficult to understand for new people and they may make mistakes. If you are familiar with these terminologies you can join as a medical data entry worker and make good money from home.

What are the minimum requirements?

1. A type speed of 45 words per minute to 75 words per minute is needed to perform these jobs.
2. Good language skills and accuracy also required.
3. A desktop or laptop computer with internet connection.
4. No experience is required for general transcription job, but you may need little experience for medical and legal transcription.

What are the benefits of data entry jobs?

You can work in your own hours. You do not need to work 9 to 5 or under a boss. You can be your own boss.
You can make as much money as you want.
You may spend more time with your family.

Who can do these jobs?

Unemployed or anyone with need of extra income can do these works.
College students who want extra money to buy books and pay off fees.
Mothers who want to make money in their spare time from home.
People who like spending more time with their family can also do this.
People who find it difficult to manage their expenses and pay off bills can perform these data entry jobs from home.

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