French Bistro Dining Areas – Add a Touch of Paris to American Homes

The light romantic air created by French bistro decor creates a wonderful spot to enjoy a relaxing meal or an intimate coffee with friends. This style appears rather quite expensive and luxurious, but it doesn’t have to carry the same price tag. Simple additions to the room such as porcelain tiles, glass white boards, heavy glass table tops, and artwork transform the space and take you across the ocean to a quaint Paris lunch spot.

Heavy Glass Table Tops

Heavy glass table tops add a simple elegance that changes its feel and appearance with the items that surround it. They are ideal for small breakfast nooks or dining areas because they magnify the available space making it feel far more open. You can have an etched border on the table tops, set it into a delicate black frame, or add French inspired table runners and placemats.

The chairs add a huge French feel to the room. Bugey chairs are the style that most often come to mind. Louvre, Castille, and Rattan chairs add a beautiful touch. If you have very little space at all, metal folding chairs keep with the bistro style and stash out of the way easily when you aren’t using them.

Glass White Boards

Glass white boards are perfect for anyone’s kitchen or dining area. You can write the week’s menu plan, grocery lists, and notes to each other on it. Unlike the cheap cardboard ones that come from the dollar store or office supply store, the finish doesn’t wear out or lose its surface. The edges can be rounded or beveled to give them a finished look. Black metal or wooden framing also works well. One style that looks particularly interesting is a wrought iron, leaf patterned frame. If you would like to stick with a bit more formal bistro feel, consider setting them onto a nice A-framed display easel.

Artwork And Canvas Prints

Perhaps the best area of Parisian style is the delightful artwork that adorns the walls. Images of quiet streets in Paris, Victorian ladies enjoying a garden party, kitchens, and even small homes all work well with this style of decor. Canvas prints always add sophistication to the space, but framed prints work just as well. Use this as your chance to bring out your personality in the space.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles make a perfect border along the top of bench style seating, up to a chair rail, or as a backsplash in a French-style kitchen. White or white and black tiles are perfect. One style you might want to look into specifically is handmade three-dimensional tiles featuring flowers, vegetables, and crockery. These add an artistic touch without taking up additional space.

Glass white boards, heavy glass table tops, tiles, and artwork add a feel of Paris to your home quickly and easily. You can start with one piece and add more to it as time goes by, or transform the entire space at once. Use your imagination and have fun with it.

Mary J. Gibson

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