How To Clean Your Bathroom Efficiently in 10 Easy Steps

It takes work and some patience to make your toilet and bath area spick and span. While it’s not something we all look forward to, it’s a chore we can’t run away from. But if you follow a process, working on one area at a time, you’ll ensure that you’re doing an efficient job cleaning.

Follow this 10 steps on how to clean your bathroom effectively and efficiently:

Step 1 – Clear the bathroom

For a more efficient clean, remove ALL items out of the bathroom. It is better to remove everything all at once instead of as you go. Place all your all small items in a storage box out of the bathroom and toss all used linen (including rugs) in the washer.

Step 2 – Dust and sweep

Get you duster out and remove dust from all surfaces. Use a long-handled one to reach corners, light fixtures and vents. Once every surface is dusted, sweep (or vacuum) the bathroom floor to remove dust, debris and hair.

Step 3 – Apply cleaner

Apply cleaner to your bathroom surfaces. If you clean regularly, you can use an all-purpose cleaner but an acid-based cleaner is recommended if you need to remove build up from your tiles. Let it soak.

Step 4 – Wipe

Apply the cleaner to your cloth or sponge and start wiping down other surfaces like the shower track, shelves, towel racks, baseboards, windows, blinds and doors. To be more efficient, work in sections from the top of the room, going left to right.

Step 5 – Prep to clean the floor

Follow the instructions on your cleaner and mix the recommended amount with a bucket full of warm water.

Step 6 – Scrub away

Scrub away buildup and loose dirt away from the surfaces. At this point, the cleaner have done most of the work for you so the job will be easier. Make sure you go through all surfaces before rinsing.

Step 7 – Finish the shower area

Put back all the items you removed from the shower and/or bath tub area, wiping them with a clean cloth as you go. Spray glass cleaner to your shower door if you have one and wipe down before closing it.

Step 8 – Work the vanity area

Spray all-purpose cleaner on your countertop, faucet and sink then wipe with a clean cloth. Use a rough sponge to loosen build up in your sink or soap dish wiping down. Use a glass cleaner for your mirror.

Step 9 – Scrub the toilet

Use the all-purpose cleaner if you scrub the inside of your toilet regularly. If there’s some buildup, use a toilet cleaner and scrub with a toilet brush. Spray the outside with all-purpose cleaner then wipe clean with a cloth.

Step 10 – Mop the floor

Dip your mop into your prepared cleaning solution, squeeze out the excess then start working the bathroom floor. Allow to dry. Once dry, place newly-laundered mats or rugs and replace trashcan.

Follow these 10 easy steps to clean your bathroom efficiently.

Mary J. Gibson

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