How to Decorate a Motorhome

Owning a RV or Motorhome is like owning a house…a house on wheels. There are many ways that you can add your own personal taste to your vehicle when you are setting out to decorate a Motorhome, its finding out what budget you have, and how long you want to take with decorating.

How To Decorate A Motorhome

There are many shapes and styles to Motorhomes, and many different ways to decorate them. So how can you choose a style that will suit who you are? Having a look at the style of your Motorhome is one important factor and another is how much you are willing to spend. Then there is also time….do you have the time to spend decorating? What about imagination……can you imagine how the Motorhome will look when finished?

Decorate A Motorhome

Lets look at how much money it will take to decorate your Motorhome. If you are after a style that will take your plain old Motorhome to “Wow” factor (stunning and amazing) then you will need to spend up big. Shopping at places that stock quality products, and matching themes will come into place. You could colour co-ordinate the entire vehicle from the lounge chairs, to cushions, curtains, towels, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories to even the bedding!! Some favorite colours are Red, Black and White….so to decorate your bus you could use accessories that match the colour scheme of your taste.

Imagine A Finished Motorhome

Using imagination these colour schemes can suit any bus….looking stylist and modern. The bus could have a lounge chair with Red and Black cushions, the kitchen could have a Red Kettle and red kitchen accessories, the shower will match with black towels/face washers and accessories in the same colour theme, the main bed could match with a donna cover in black, with a touch of red. Team it up with white cupboards throughout and again Black bench tops in the kitchen. Keeping to a basic colour scheme and representing them throughout the bus will take a plain boring old bus to a “Wow” looking bus when searching for how to decorate a Motorhome.

Time To Decorate A Motorhome

It will take time to decorate a Motorhome, depending on what you want to do, and how much you are wanting to do. If you are short of time, then you are able to hire Decorating Companies who will come in and listen to your requirements, taking down notes and then giving you a quote. Once you are happy with the company and you are willing to spend the money, decorating a motorhome will take little time on your behalf.

Loving Your Motorhome

Once you have the imagination, the time taken care of the money available to spend than loving your Motorhome will be the fun part of decoration. Within no time your Motorhome will become a show piece and you will be proud to show your end results, with sharing your motorhome to family/friends and even reporters…you could feature your Motorhome in Magazines and Newspapers!

How To Decorate A Motorhome is easy once you know how. Here are a few basic tips to remember when you set out to decorate

  • Time- do you have the time or will you use a company?
  • Money – how much are you willing to spend?
  • Colour Scheme – finding out what colour you like will make decorating easier
  • Imagination – Can you picture the end result?
  • Love – loving your decoration job and the end picture will show your effects

Are you interested in finding out how I decorate our old Bedford Bus? Once David has finished with renovations I will be looking at decorating our Motorhome. So head over to New Life On The Road to find out How I Decorate A Motorhome.

Mary J. Gibson

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