How to Decorate Your Child’s Birthday Party? With Planning & Thought

What is a party without decorations? While decorations can range from the simple to the very elaborate (and expensive), the one thing all decorations have in common is that they require planning and thought.

Here are some tips to get your creative juices flowing:

Plan your party decorations according to the party layout that you have in mind. You can focus on decorations for the performance area (or cake cutting area), dining table, and general areas. The activities area and food area should be kept relatively free of decorations to allow children and guests to play or get their food in a hazard-free environment.

Decorations you can get include: banners, streamers, balloons and centerpieces. Allow your birthday child to get involved by letting him/her choose the colours of the balloons, or even, if you wish, the theme of the party decorations. It is after all, his/her special day!

The backdrop is a very important element for party decorations. This should be placed at the performance/cake cutting area. If you’re holding the party at a function room, this should be on the stage backdrop. You can get a colourful banner as the center of the backdrop and get birthday flags and streamers to add to the backdrop. If you have balloons, add balloons at the side of the backdrop.

The backdrop can be themed, elaborate or simple – it is really up to you. Having the backdrop at the performance/cake cutting area, also allows you to get beautiful pictures of the cake cutting moment with a fantastic backdrop.

General Areas

Helium balloons are a favorite of children and are great for decorations. The balloons can be used to decorate the general areas. You can use colours that your child or you have chosen. Try to use more colourful balloons so as to add to the party atmosphere. If the party is themed, you could use printed balloons, or even aluminum foil balloons that go with the theme.

Keep in mind though, that children will tend to grab the balloons, so ensure that there are still enough balloons for decoration even if the children decide to get the balloons for themselves. Alternatively, get streamers for the general area as well to add colour and vibrancy to your party. This also ensures that even if the children do grab the balloons for themselves, the general areas are still decorated.

Dining area

The dining area should be decorated but still kept generally clear so that your guests can enjoy the food. The most ideal decorations that can go on the dining tables are centerpieces. They can simply be a bunch of balloons that go on the middle of the table. This allows a continuity of the party decorations and still ensures your guests can enjoy the food without the decorations getting in their way.

If your party is a themed party, you can consider getting printed plates, utensils and napkins. These add to the general theme and look good as decorations on the whole.

Entrance Area

Besides the performance/ cake cutting area, the dining area, and the general areas, you can consider adding decorations at the entrance for your party too! The decorations can be just a simple greeting banner that welcomes your guests to the party, or you could have some balloons at the entrance to the party. This not only makes the whole party look more fun right from the start, but also has the added advantage of letting your guests know that they have reached the right venue for the party!

Do keep in mind that while simple decorations like these can be cheap to get, you will need time to put them up as well. Remember to plan your time properly so you have time to decorate the venue before your guests arrive! Or simply, you can save yourself some time and hassle, by getting the decorations done at an affordable price from professionals!

Mary J. Gibson

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