How to Resurface Your Hardwood Floors – Sandless Process of Wooden Floor Restoration

If your hardwood flooring have misplaced their shine, begun to get area scuffs and scratches, or just need some cleaning and sprucing up then sandless resurfacing may be just what you need. This procedure works for all styles of hardwood floors such as reliable unfinished (floors that ended up finished on web page), strong pre concluded (flooring that were being bought previously concluded in a manufacturing unit), and engineered wood flooring. Dependent on the type of wood flooring you have this process can range a little bit.

I will go over the needed methods for each individual style of flooring.

* Bona brand name “Prep” or Essential Coatings brand name “Tycote” (these are etching solutions that assistance assure a new coating will bond to your flooring – note: only required for pre completed strong or pre concluded engineered floors)

* A wood ground complete that is appropriate with the etch products if you are getting the Bona products I’d advocate Bona Visitors Hd end or Bona Woodline finish, or if you get the Essential Coatings Tycote, I would suggest their Road Shoe Complete.

* Flooring Buffer – You can lease a floor buffer at approximately any device rental retail store and at some property advancement outlets. If you’ve got never ran a typical buffer you could take into consideration finding a square buffer as these vibrate somewhat than oscillate.

* Vacuum – I recommend just one with a tender bristle or delicate felt brush.

* MicroFiber Dust Mop

* Applicator – I endorse an 18″ t-bar design application made by Duratool. Lambswool purposes, and smaller sized nap paint rollers can also perform for this.

* Brush – I choose the foam design 3-4″ large brushes .

* Buffer Pad – White Pads (1-2) also readily available at tool rental retailer (additional purple or maroon pad if you have pre completed engineered or pre completed good flooring)

* Sanding Monitor 150 or 220 grit – These are also uncovered at device rental stores or on-line. An substitute to these are Norton model sand bucks buffer pads.


The initial factor you’ll want to do is prep the house you are performing. You’ll want to clear away all home furnishings and any other goods that are on the floors you are performing. It can be also a superior strategy to use some painters tape to tape off the baseboards, and to tape off adjoining surfaces/floors that you want to protect. You may also want to cling up some plastic film in doorways to support incorporate the dust developed. You can also want to clean the flooring and make positive that there are no items of debris as these matters could get caught below the buffer and scratch the flooring.


Just after prepping the room now it can be time to buff the flooring. Just take the white buffer pad and set in on the bottom of the buffers drive head. Then set the sanding monitor under the white pad (the display screen is what you want to be touching the flooring). Now start out the buffer and shifting in a back and forth movement buff over the floors striving to go with the grain of the wooden. Try to address every inch of the flooring incredibly very well.

Soon after buffing the floors now you want to consider a used piece of the sanding display and flippantly hand sand in places of the flooring that the buffer would not achieve this sort of as corners, underneath cabinets, below radiators etc. This is just to also etch the area of these locations as well.

The subsequent move will vary a little bit based mostly on the style of flooring you have.

If you have pre finished flooring, the future point you want to do is to buff the floors once more. This time you want to use just the pink or maroon buffer pad. Now what you are going to do is a soaked or damp buffing. You want to mist some of the Bona Prep of Primary Coatings Tycote onto the flooring working with a spray bottle. This stage is to etch the area of the flooring and to ensure that a new coating will bond to the coating that is on the manufacturing unit concluded ground merchandise. You may want to do this pretty well to assure you get each and every inch of the floors and that just about every inch has an etched or uninteresting type of glimpse to it. You can expect to even want to take a piece of the buffer pad and get into the corners and other tight spots that the buffer wouldn’t reach.

(note: you can use this step on wooden floors that have been internet site concluded also, in particular if you have any doubts about a new coating sticking to the existing complete you have or if you have utilized any wax centered cleaners or refreshing merchandise that are wax centered as they can protect against new coatings from sticking to the flooring)


Just after you total the buffing section of the job, now you want to clean the floors incredibly properly. You’ll want to vacuum the flooring actually very well and then dust mop them genuinely effectively.


At the time you have cleaned the flooring, now you happen to be ready to use the coating(s). Comply with the manufactures directions for the total of square feet of protection for every gallon. Utilize the finish with the grain working with whatsoever type of application you picked up. Be certain to perform in sections.

Allow Dry

Immediately after you have utilized the coating now you will just want to hold out the brands encouraged dry time just before going for walks on the flooring. You can obtain this on the complete container. Then you are going to want to hold out the suppliers suggested time for curing ahead of placing home furniture back into put.

Repeat if Sought after

If you’d like you can also buff the ground once more and utilize a 2nd, or 3rd coating for included safety. I endorse buffing immediately after each and every coating with a 220 grit sanding display screen and following all other directions apart from applying the etching goods as they will not be required at the time one coating is utilized.

Mary J. Gibson

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