How To Tell Genuine Moroccan Lamps From Fake Ones?

If you happen to enjoy shopping for cultural home decorations like Moroccan lamps, you may find these tips useful to help you tell the difference between genuine ones from the fakes. No one likes to pay a lot of money only to end up with non-genuine products.

Is It Really Brass?

When selecting real Moroccan lamps, check to make sure that they are made of brass. Brass is a combination of copper and zinc and is normally chosen because of its furnishing appearance. Items that are made of brass will usually have a rustic look to it making it look beautiful and antique-like. So if someone tries to sell you a lamp which they claim is from Morocco and you find that it’s not made of brass, chances are that it’s a fake or cheap replica of an original lamp. Cheap quality lamps will usually corrode faster. Check that the seller is selling genuine products before you make the purchase. Sellers who are proudly selling authentic goods will not hesitate to guarantee that their products are original and be able to furnish you with more information to explain further.

Made By Hand

Look closely at the workmanship of the lamp or Moroccan chandeliers that you are interested to buy. They are usually hand-crafted painstakingly by skillful artisans or craftsman. Some are even put together by women who have inherited the art of making them which were handled down traditionally from generation to generation. You could call it a dying art. Which makes it so valuable. Home owners who enjoy collecting antiques and cultural pieces will be able to appreciate their artistic beauty and the many hours of hard work put into creating each item by hand. The glass for the chandeliers are cut skillfully into beautiful intricate pieces so that when they are lighted up together, they are able to project the light in a warm, ambient manner.

Carries A Guarantee

Many online stores that are selling genuine Moroccan lamps or chandeliers are not afraid to give a guarantee on their products. Check with the sellers if you are unsure about this. Their guarantee will usually cover the product from rust especially if you are planning to hang Moroccan lamps outside your house. They should be able to withstand the elements and not fall apart or rust away easily.


These are just some of the important pointers that home owners who are interested to purchase these items will find useful. Enjoy your shopping!

Mary J. Gibson

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