How to Tell Him You Love Him Without Scaring Him Off

So you’ve been seeing a man who you genuinely care for, maybe even love. You want to tell him over and over again. You want to shout it from the rooftops! But is it too much to repeatedly tell him that you love him? Yes! There are other ways to show him that you care without persistently vocalizing those three words that can be so scary to guys. If you follow this advice, you can turn your relationship from a fun, flirty dating game to a long-term, loving relationship without scaring your guy off.

Men are sensitive creatures, whether they like to show it or not. While they need to know that you love them, a lot of them will shy away and be scared if they actually hear you say it. In our culture, saying “I love you” holds a lot more weight than the words do alone. Make sure to pick the right time and place to express your feelings for him verbally. Don’t do it in front of his friends where he may become embarrassed. Don’t do it in front of your friends where he may feel too much pressure to reciprocate. When you tell him you love him, do so in an appropriate place where you two are alone (or at least where no one else is specifically watching or listening to you).

Women tend to fall head over heels much faster than guys do. We tend to be more emotional in general, more in touch with our feelings, and more willing to express them vividly. Men, however, like to be absolutely sure before they agree to anything. A guy wants to know that he is positive about his feelings for you before he makes any statements asserting such. Because of this, it is important that you don’t push him to say those three words before he is ready. It’s just as important that you don’t get your feelings hurt by the fact that it might take him considerably longer to say it than it took you. That’s just the way the sexes are wired.

It’s also a good rule of thumb to be reasonable about how much you express yourself in this manner. Too much too soon can scare him off. Try other ways of letting him know that you care for him. Listen to him rant when he has a bad day. Cook him dinner when you know he had a long day at work. Use your imagination!

Mary J. Gibson

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