Impatiens – Best of the Bedding Plant Starters

Impatiens come in single and double flower varieties. The single-flower Impatiens are best for planting in large groups. The double-flower Impatiens resemble tiny roses. For the gardener who prefers the color orange, the ‘Eclipse’ Impatiens with its pointy leaves is the perfect choice. Bright green streaked leaves belong to the ‘Accent Stars’ variety and fluorescent blooms or ‘Wink and Blink’ are destined to brighten up any garden. For large blooms try the New Guinea hybrids.


Impatiens can be put just about anywhere. They do quite well under the shade of trees as well as a walkway border or a typical flowerbed. The hybrids ‘Tempo Series in pastel hues and ‘Super Elfin’ in fluorescent colors do best in shady areas. Make sure these plants are thoroughly watered as the roots of shade trees can steal the moisture.

Hanging baskets are another popular means for displaying Impatiens. The double flowered varieties look quite spectacular hanging over these baskets. Try the ‘Extra Dwarfy’ Impatiens for a bold look.

Simple flowerpots of all kinds are a great idea for many different varieties of Impatiens. Try ‘Blackberry Ice’ with its streaks of purple amidst white blooms in a black flowerpot for a dramatic effect. Or try multiple colored blooms with streaked leaves in a terra cotta pot.

Combining Impatiens with other blooms is another great way to display this flower. Try ‘Red Star’ with its red and white star blooms surrounded by the delicate white Alyssum. For a more nostalgic look combine scarlet or pink Impatiens with Wax Begonias or the colorful foliage of Coleus.

Fun Facts

  • Impatiens are an annual
  • Impatiens bloom from late May early June through to the first signs of winter
  • These flowers are very easy to care for and are quite resistant to all types of diseases.

Peak Conditions

  • Impatiens do well in all growing zones.
  • Impatiens can be planted in all types of conditions from shade to full sun.
  • Impatiens do require a well-drained soil.

Mary J. Gibson

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