Law of Attraction and Your Magic Genie

When I was younger I had a copper genie lamp. At least I thought it looked like Aladdin’s magic genie lamp. And what’s funny about that is that the genie lamp had money in it. My parents put extra change in the genie lamp when they had the chance. Now I don’t know whatever happened to that genie lamp but I know the money was removed by me when I grew up.

Did you ever have a genie lamp? It’s okay if you did. You’re not crazy. That lamp just symbolizes what you want to manifest in your life. Even though a real genie won’t manifest, the lamp still symbolizes what your desires are. I know when I was younger, I can still hear a genie coming out of the magic lamp saying “Your wish is my command”.

Imagine Aladdin’s genie granting you your wish. What would you wish for? Is it money, health, happiness, friends, a relationship? No matter what you wish for, it’s yours. Really! What you want to do is to be specific, visualize it, define it, think it, accept it, and be positive and you will get it. Even the slightest doubt and poof, it’s gone

I remember hearing this story about a guy who won the lottery 3 times. Why is that? That’s not fair. Well after he won the lottery the first time, it was easy for him to believe he would win the lottery again. It was like second nature to this guy. Believe that it is yours. Change your thought pattern and you already received what you want. Picture your life with it. Feel the joy of receiving your gift. Never doubt that you will have it. If it is a new car that you want, imagine sitting in it, driving it down the street. If you want to lose weight, imagine wearing those “thin clothes”. Whatever you imagine, you will attract it.

How about King Midas. Everything he touched turned to gold. He didn’t have to think “will this object turn to gold”. He knew every time he touched an object, it would turn to gold. No doubt. No negativity. If you want something, imagine it, feel it and if you have to hear an inner voice say “your wish is my command”, then listen to that voice inside and have fun manifesting your wishes.

Mary J. Gibson

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