Massage Chair Review For the Review Human Touch HT 140

There are quite a number of midrange massage chairs that can provide a range of massage treatments. One such recliner is the model HT 140 from the Human Touch massage company. This particular model of massaging recliner is mounted on a pedestal style base.

You can find midrange models from companies such as Panasonic, Sanyo, Omega and Human Touch. These four manufacturers have a full line of therapy chairs. There are many things to look at when considering a shiatsu style recliner.

The Human Touch HT 140 massage chair massages the back and the calves or feet. There are no functions for massaging the butt and thigh area. So compared to the other manufacturers, the Human Touch model lacks this area for massage treatments.

Shopping the midrange market for massaging recliners can sometimes involve trade-offs of features. Some recliners in this category may be full body where others may have less than full body capability. The HT 140 is not a full body chair in this sense, because it lacks any massage features in the seat area.

Human Touch has integrated both automatic and manual massage programs in the HT 140 massage chair. There are three automatic massage programs that go 15 minutes in duration. These automatic massages work off the touch of a button.

The HT 140 massage chair provides you with an adequate massage for a midrange model. The HT 140 was not the strongest of the midrange that I tried. However, it also wasn’t the weakest in massage strength.

The HT-140 chair also comes with manual massage programs. You can select from rolling, compression, kneading, and a combination kneading percussion. You can simply select the massage technique of your choice. This gives you a range of options.

The Human Touch HT 140 massage chair is a very modern design. It has highlights with wood armrests. This warms up the design of it from the very modern lines.

One really funky item with the HT140 massaging recliner is its calf massager. The calf massager is able to rotate. It has an oversize bracket on the side. The bracket allows the calf massager to rotate is rather large and detracts from the design in my opinion. Although, it is a nice feature to be able to hide the calf massager, it is at the expense of aesthetics.

One of the more therapeutic features integrated into the HT 140 massaging recliner is its stretching. The HT-140 has the ability to hold your legs in a fixed position while reclining the chair back. This helps to take a little pressure off the spine as it reclines back.

The Human Touch massage chair company has a very modern line. This is a nice approach from some of the mundane models on the market. The back massage in the chair was about average and the chair is lacking any seat and thigh massage treatments. For the price, this midrange model does not have full body massage capability.

The HT 140 massage chair is one of many swivel base recliners offered by Human Touch. This particular model has wood armrests and partially matching swivel wood base. This is a nice contemporary design with some interesting features.

Mary J. Gibson

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