OPSCI And The Lighting System Provided By Them

OPSCI has been in the electro optic industry for the past ten years providing some of the pioneer products in the lighting industry. It is a private enterprise located just outside Austin at Cedar Park, Texas. OPSCI is known to design and produce particular lighting system together with surveillance cameras for the toll road industry. At present the company partners with other optical companies that deal with system integration as well and installation of the lighting and surveillance systems.

OPSCI electro optics is used at a wide range of places. They have been used across numerous lanes of the country as well as in Canada. They form an integral and major part of the border security system protecting the country from the entry of criminals and dangerous elements that might harm the countries peace.

In this age of energy efficiency and green energy, RayLed (by OPSCI electro optics) is a state-of-the-art design in itself. Used for street lighting, this technology is highly reliable and durable. While cutting down on power consumption, the design is made to withstand any climatic and weather condition, ensuring of round-the-clock lighting. Basically, the technology used here types of bema-asymmetric, symmetric and path light distribution. Resistant to any vibrations and other external disturbances, this lighting system do not cause excessive lighting on the road, ensuring drivers’ safety. Ace in design, the technology boasts of convenience as it does not require regular maintenance, which means no changing of street lights every month and uninterrupted lighting on the streets.

The Xenon Strobe lamp – a recent innovation by OPSCI-is laced by a 12 volts round coil that supplies power to the lamp. Trigger circuits that use various external signals to trigger the stroboscopes are also being used in the Xenon Strobe lamp. The lamp operates on the advanced Welch Scientific model 2153C Stroboscope, which enables the visualization of the parts that are in movement. This can also help in monitoring the frequency of rotation of the machine that is being used in the circuit.

Some of the other products designed by OPSCI include the Appian and the Damascus that have revolutionized the domain in security lighting and monitoring in USA. Much in demand, the products promise of complete reliability and safety.

In short OPSCI and the electro optics systems provided by the company has revolutionised the surveillance system in the country. Post 9/11 most o the companies that are dealing with some or the other part of the security, has tries enhancing the products that is produced by them. OPSCI is one such pioneering company.

Mary J. Gibson

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