Your thermostat should be properly calibrated. This will ensure accurate temperature control and operating cycle. This will save you on operating cost and assure your comfort level. Improper refrigerant charge can damage your compressor, which is the heart of your air conditioning system; this is an expensive air conditioner repair. […]

Red red roses that fill the room with its undeniable lovely fragrance, one that’s indeed of beauty and easily allures just anybody around. A soft candle lit dinner, heart shaped balloons hung where it fits best, chocolates and flowing music all set to fill your senses and allow you to […]

Katherine Middleton is the classic and conservative style icon for our time. But fashion critics seem to forget that words like “classic” or conservative” are just more poetic words used to describe her pretty fashions that are unimaginative and dull. Fashion critics are clearly commercial hacks who are just glorified […]