Khartoum is one of the best tourist’s destinations in Africa. The city can be divided intro three distinct areas namely; Khartoum proper; North Khartoum, primarily an industrial area; and Omdurman, once the capital of the Mahdist government. This is the place with so many attractions that you must spend at […]

Interior design is in line with architecture. It has little to do with the decoration of the interior of a building. It includes renovation of homes, floor plans and codes of construction. Interior designers are people who design the interiors of buildings. Creativity is a key aspect in this profession […]

Treadmills by their very nature concentrate on working the lower portion of your body. That means they are a great exercise machine for the large thigh and leg muscles, and of course a cardiovascular workout for the heart and lungs. Treadmills provide two of the most popular forms of exercise […]