Professional Commercial Floor Cleaning

When writing about hard floor cleaning and maintenance, I usually make the distinction of domestic and commercial locations, as the location not only influences the type of floor which is chosen, but also the risks it is likely to be exposed to. It is worth pointing out the ‘commercial’ location is a wide term with many possibilities ranging from a factory likely to have an altro safety floor, to a small office which may have any type of floor – be it ceramic or hard wood.

The most obvious difference between a domestic and commercial setting is likely to be the amount of use. It is a fair assumption that, on average, commercial locations experience more traffic, more people coming and going and more general wear and tear. Even a common office will have people coming in and out as they start work, leave for lunch and leave for the day. There may also be visitors, deliveries and any number of other factors which simply don’t occur in a domestic setting.

Another difference is that of responsibility, or lack of it. Most people, having invested heavily in their homes, are likely to make sure they take care of them, wiping their feet as they come in, cleaning up spillages immediately and in general – paying more attention. It is difficult and unrealistic to expect people to do the same in an office setting where it may be seen as ‘not my job’ and even insulting to be expected to look after the floor.

Keeping a commercial setting clean may involve prevention as far as is possible. The application of a good quality sealant is a fundamental recommendation for any floor, but in a commercial setting becomes even more important. The sealant will need to be applied to an already clean floor and be the appropriate one for the type of floor in the location, if in doubt a commercial floor cleaning company will be able to recommend one for you. Once the sealant has been applied, it is necessary to protect it from scratches and surface abrasions, mostly caused by dirt and grit walked in on the soles of shoes. Placing doormats at entrances, regular sweeping and vacuuming and placing padded tips on chair legs and the corners of furniture or heavy objects are also very useful additions.

If you find that the floor takes on an uneven or even dull appearance, it is possible that the sealant on the floor has become damaged or that surface grime and bacteria has built up to the extent where general cleaning methods cease to be effective.

Mary J. Gibson

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