Religion, The Great Divider of Mankind

Religion deludes and divides mankind

It misrepresents God and is not kind.

Promising power

Religion exerts control

Claiming to have truth

Religion deceives and acts uncouth

Projecting superiority

It alienates people in inferiority

Comparing and competing

With different doctrines

Separating from other sects

By segregation religion neglects

Humanity for whom Christ died

Ironically, religion is the great divide

Which widens the gap

Points the finger and does attack

Ridicule, scold, and demean

Sincere souls seeking spirituality

Religion is not what it seems

It is merely an illusion

Mankind’s search to satisfy

A deep inner quest and cry

To be reconnected to the Creator

To open faith’s glorious door

Historically however

Religion has been rotten to the core

Let us not embrace it any more

The sophisticated establishment

Is in reality an entrapment

Producing systematic enslavement

Obscuring the light of God

Making the narrow path broad

Discriminating and diminishing people

While it erects an edifice and steeple

Pursuing power at the expense of peace

From such ill will God give us release

Continual conflict, war without end

God in heaven wants to be our Friend.

Let’s expose the deficiencies of dead religion

Overthrow the dastardly defects of mere opinion

The concept of kingdom must be reintroduced

In wayward Western civilization

It’s not about imperialism, nor education

This is Christ within, a new creation

A changed heart, a divine work of art

This is not a political ideology

By which you appear smart

On the contrary, God in heaven

Graciously gives humanity a new start

Beyond blood, death, and diplomacy

Exists the kingdom of heaven in me

God alone can open your eyes to see

Righteousness, peace, and joy in me

The kingdom within brings victory

Birthed by the Holy Spirit of the Lord

Established and sustained by His Word

Conquering conflict, hatred, and fear

Blessing whosoever will humbly hear

Removing uncertainty, and corruption

Genocide, poverty, and starvation

The concept of Christ’s kingdom

Births a spiritual revolution

Empowering people with dominion

Removing religion’s pitiful opinion.

No more should we massacre millions

And claim we’re motivated by religion

God in heaven is a life-giver, not a killer!

God’s Son died for us

Therefore we don’t need to die for Him.

Just receive the King and get in the kingdom

Christ the King will make your heart sing

No need to bring an offering

Give Him your heart, submit to His Lordship

His mighty power will you equip

Your sin and bondage, He will strip

Embrace his purpose wholeheartedly

Transcend formality and religiosity

No more shall religion oppress humanity

For soon all shall taste and see

The spirit of grace that reconciles peaceably.

Mary J. Gibson

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