Should I Give My Kid a Down Comforter?

Who doesn’t love down bedding? It’s ability to stay soft and cloudlike provides comforting warmth on cold nights. But is down bedding right for everyone? Can I give it to my children?

Down is a soft filling material used in a number of bedding products including pillows, blankets, and, of course, comforters. Most down bedding tends to be white, and this gives plausible reason for concern to parents. If you’ve been wondering whether down bedding is the right choice for a 7-year-old or a teen, we will provide the facts you need to make an educated buying decision.

Why use down bedding?

There are many reasons to love down bedding:

  • It’s soft, fluffy, and provides an unmistakable sleeping experience. The soft, billowy down combined with crisp cotton is exquisite.
  • It’s very easy to clean and can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer for repeated washings.
  • It’s made to be hypoallergenic. This means household allergens such as dust and dander aren’t able to enter down bedding products. In fact, there was an English study which showed that down comforter users had lower allergy issues when compared to users of other types of bedding.

What size comforter should you buy?

Most children and teens use either a twin bed (39″ x 80″) or a full/double bed (54″ x 75″). Typically most twin and full-size comforters are sized correctly to cover these bed sizes unlike some promotional store full/queens which are to small on queen beds. Likewise for promotional king-size bedding on an actual king mattress.

Generally a twin down comforter measures around 68″ x 88″. A full/double down comforter measures around 81″ x 88″. Both of these sizes will work great for either bed size. You can use a full/double size comforter on a twin mattress, but note that you will have some extra overhang.

Do you need a duvet cover?

If you are buying the down bedding for your children and want to protect the investment and add some fashion flair, then a down comforter duvet makes perfect sense. Just like your sheets and linens, duvet covers can be removed from a comforter and washed as needed. Having a duvet cover means that you do not have to wash the comforter as much, if ever! Make sure that your twin or full/double size duvet cover is no larger than two inches more than the comforter.

What warmth level should you buy?

Down bedding keeps your body’s natural warmth in regulation. So when buying for a child or teen, do not buy too heavy or warm. It is easy to add an additional blanket or sheet if you’re cold vs. being too warm due to a too-heavy comforter. When buying, look for down comforters marked as warm or lightweight to make sure they are light in warmth coverage.

Don’t be afraid to treat your children to the same wonderful night’s sleep you enjoy. Feel free to purchase down bedding knowing how to buy and properly protect your investment. When properly cared for, twin down comforters can last for several years. You may even need to fight to keep it from going to college with them!

Mary J. Gibson

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