Simple Tips To Clean Your Moroccan Lighting Without Breaking Anything

You’ve got a nice home with some beautiful Moroccan lighting in there. While it’s always easy to set the mood of your home to a more relaxed and romantic mode, dust and cob webs could also turn the atmosphere a bit creepy. Anyway, if it’s time for some much-needed spring cleaning for your house lighting, here are some tips that will prove useful for you.

Turn Off The Power

Unless you want to get zapped or electrocuted when trying to clean your Moroccan light fixtures, it is strongly advisable to turn off the power to your lighting. If you are going to take some time to clean up your home lighting, you might as well make note of what needs to be cleaned the day before. That way, you will at least have an idea on what are the items and cleaning supplies you will need to get it all done properly. Of course when I mention turn off the power, I mean to turn off the power supply to the lights that you are cleaning so that your entire room or house is not plunged into total darkness.

Cleaning The Exterior

Now Moroccan lighting are not only beautiful, they can be quite complicated depending on which type you have in your home. The more expensive Moroccan chandeliers will take more effort to clean as they have many pieces of intricate glass linked together. The simpler and smaller Moroccan lamps will only take you a few minutes to wipe off any dust that has accumulated on the exterior. If they are just plain dusty and you are pressed for time, just lightly but carefully dust them off with a feather duster. Please hold on to the lighting or lamp with one hand to steady it so that it does not slip off and break into pieces when it hits the ground.

Making Sure The Interior Is Clean

Certain lamps or Moroccan lighting will need to have the interior section cleaned as this could be a nice place for bugs to call home. Your lighting should come with instructions on how to carefully remove the glass or metal covering to either replace the bulbs or clean the inside of the lamp. If there’s plenty of dust and dead bugs inside, carefully remove the covering and vacuum it clean. Wipe it with a clean dry cloth as you do not want to get anything wet in case certain parts of the lighting starts to rust.


Depending on how much lighting you need to clean, it is advisable to be careful when cleaning them as you do not want to end up breaking or spoiling any of it. With planning and careful cleaning, this will ensure that your home lighting last longer and look good.

Mary J. Gibson

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