SKIN ALLERGY vs. Cleaning

Lots of people think that skin allergies are caused by pollution and dirty environments. This is true but the good news is that there are positive things you can do to reduce allergic reactions and symptoms, such as asthma.

Dust mites are too small to be seen with the naked eye. You can find all sorts of information about dust mites on the Internet. However here we will talk about how to control dust mites effectively and reduce symptoms from them.

* Change bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets at least once a week. To kill dust mites, you have to wash bedding in a washing machine at a temperature of at least 130 F. So we recommend you to choose light coloured bedding so that their colour will not noticeably fade.

* Protect your mattress, box springs and pillows with allergy-proof covers. This keeps dust mites away from the flakes of dead human skin cells which are a primary food source for them.

* Keep stuffed toys away from your bed. You might be amazed to learn that stuffed toys can attract dust mites.

* Reduce humidity. It helps if you can lower the relative humidity in your house, normally lower than 50% is sufficient. When dust mites can’t absorb moisture from the air they will shrink and die. You can use air conditioners and dehumidifiers to achieve this benefit.

* Use stone, hardwood or laminate flooring instead of carpet if possible This eliminates an ideal dust mite territory. If you cannot choose your flooring, make sure that you use asteam cleaner on your carpets at least once a year.

* Dust and vacuum your home at least once a week. You need to clean your house regularly. Find a cleaner if you cannot afford the time. Regular dusting and vacuuming will help to control dust and therefore dust mites in your house. Use a damp mop or damp cloths on hard floors and furnishings as dry cloths stir up dust mite remains. Vacuum carpets, sofas, curtains and window blinds regularly with a powerful vacuum cleaner, preferably with a special filter.

* Keep away furry and feathered animals from your bedroom. Your pets’ dead skin cells are another food source for dust mites. So it’s best to have your pets sleep as far away from your bedroom as possible. You can treat your pets’ sleeping areas the same as yours, i.e. regular cleaning and use allergy-proof covers.

Every little helps. For more information, use our special cleaning team, if you are based in London or the South East.

Mary J. Gibson

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