Stylishly Protect Your Favorite Truck With Ridgeline Tonneau

Want a quick, easy to manage, and cost-effective way to cover up your pickup truck’s bed? The Ridgeline Tonneau is the perfect answer to that. Consisting of a piece of heavy-duty vinyl that covers the bed of your truck, the Ridgeline Tonneau is held in place by snaps, C-channels, or via a roll-down locking mechanism. Made with a durable vinyl tarp, the Ridgeline Tonneau gets out of the way in seconds for large loads. Allowing you to get the maximum use out of your truck bed, getting the Ridgeline Tonneau for your pick-up truck is truly a wise investment and smart spent money.

For a little history and trivia, the first ever side-door tonneau was made by a company called Peerless. As a rule, early tonneaus had rear-facing hinged doors. It wasn’t long though before single side or dual side doors were soon introduced. Quite often, the word “tonneau” is spelled incorrectly as “tonno.”

The benefits of getting the Ridgeline Tonneau abound and come in many ways. With the Ridgeline Tonneau in place, you need not worry of water pooling in the bed of your vehicle, seeping into tiny fissures in the surface and eventually allowing rust to occur. The Ridgeline Tonneau also gives security for the items you carry in the bed of your vehicle. Do you know that you can get better fuel mileage as well when you have the Ridgeline Tonneau in your vehicle? That’s because the uncovered bed of your vehicle creates more drag as your engine’s airflow dips down into it. With the Ridgeline Tonneau installed and in a closed position, your engine’s airflow takes a smoother path and the vehicle offers less resistance, resulting in less fuel usage. With today’s increasing prices, less money spent for fuel is truly a great save.

Different types of the Ridgeline Tonneau exist to suit your specific needs. For instance, the roll-up Ridgeline Tonneau is beneficial for people living in cold-weather climates, as it uses an ingenious latching mechanism to automatically stretch the material when the cold weather tries to shrink it. Thus, you need not result to pliers just to snap down your tonneau. Furthermore, the support bows of the roll-up Ridgeline Tonneau are attached to the roll-up cover and not to the truck, so you have full, easy access of your entire truck bed, no matter the weather. Whatever your specific needs and whatever climate you’re in, the Ridgeline Tonneau is sure to protect and deliver.

Look is never compromised for function when it comes to the Ridgeline Tonneau, as various styles of the Ridgeline Tonneau exist in the market. Hence, car owners have the option to choose according to their taste and preference. Installation is a breeze and takes no effort at all as each set of the Ridgeline Tonneau comes with all the parts needed for complete installation. The Ridgeline Tonneau is also reasonably priced for the benefit of car owners with limited budgets. With the Ridgeline Tonneau, you get good-looking protection for your money’s worth.

Mary J. Gibson

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