The Art of Classic Quiltmaking

From the numbers of page markers that stick out with reference notes, it’s no wonder I have always consider this book as my quilting bible. Through all of the years of quilting, it is the book I have reached for time and time again if I was trying something new and needed a little guidance to get me past the first quilt block.

A quilt block, by itself can make a charming pillow top, pot-holder or hot pad. Put several in a row and you have a table runner. Make a whole bunch and sew them together to make a bed cover. The question may be, just how does one go about making one of these blocks? The directions of making a quilt block into beautiful heirlooms come to life chapter after chapter in The Art of Classic Quiltmaking.

How many times have you seen a finished quilt that you would love to make but your inexperience stops you from purchasing the pattern and attempting it? Fear quilting no more, Harriet Hargrave and Sharyn Craig will guide you through your qualms from the pages within their book.

Names of various quilt blocks and explicit directions on cutting, yardage required and piecing are all included. Each section is written to provide the novice quilter the ability to understand the techniques. The experienced quilter will read and re-read finding new tips and techniques to enhance their passion of making quilts.

This book takes you from choosing the best type of material for your project through to finishing the job And should be considered as a must-have for any quilters’ library, regardless of their quilting expertise.

Mary J. Gibson

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