Bed Linen Trends

Over the last ten years bedlinen trends have changed from cheap basic colour prints to high thread count quality plain linen. Customers are now more savvy than ever when it comes to bedlinen construction, thread counts etc. One of the many questions still posed by the bedlinen buying public is “what does the term ‘Percale’ mean?” In plain terms this means a minimum 180 threads per square inch of woven cotton, a minimum sign of quality used by the bedding industry.

Trends now seem to be for the higher 400 Count Percale bed linens made mostly from Cotton and more importantly from the more luxurious Egyptian Cotton as this is perceived to be made from a more robust longer staple fibre than standard cottons produced from other countries. This longer fibre helps manufacturers produce a finer yarn which can then be spun to produce higher thread count linens such as the 400 Count, 600 Count and the top of the range 1000 Counts. The majority of this bedding is produced in plain white, ivory or neutral colours as the trends now lean towards a much more hotel type look that many customers now try to recreate in their bedrooms.

When thinking of updating your bedroom, one of the simplest and most affordable ways to give your bedroom space a fresh look is with a new set of bed linen. The bedroom is one of the easiest places to make a style statement, a new set of bedlinen can provide a block of fresh colour, while a throw or pair of contrasting or textured pillowcases are a quick way to lift any room. Just like at the more expensive hotels, plain white with a hint of red from a cushion or bed throw can make all the difference whilst keeping down costs.

But with literally 1000’s of bed linen to choose from, where do you start for the best? Do I want cotton or poly-cotton, do I want Non Iron or Easy Care? Plain White or Bold Colours?

White will always be in fashion and not only as a cool summer colour but as the secret for a cosy effect. For the winter white bed linen is being warmed up with pale blues, earth browns, dusky pinks and plenty of layering. You can’t go wrong if you use white as the base colour for the bedroom and accessorise with the other colours and textures to create the warm atmosphere you want.

You can use glamour in the bedroom without being accused of having a lack of good taste. Bed linen with metallic colours such as Anthracite, Silver Coal or gold features works well with rich colours for the fitted sheets and pillowcases.

You can start with a neutral base and then introduce interest with accessories like a fine cashmere throw and a few textured cushions. The idea is to maintain clean lines but you can now add a little warmth into your bed linen. The bedroom accessories are important for the cosy effect using items like 100% cotton bedspreads and matching pillowshams or even something as simple as an Egyptian cotton blanket folded at the base of the bed.

Mary J. Gibson

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