Changing The Flatbed Scanner On The Hewlett-Packard 4345 MFP Laser Printer

The ADF assembly will have to be eradicated first to get the flatbed scanner out. When you take out the ADF device you not use the ADF cable that is attached to the device to raise or go it. When taken out it should really be positioned on a flat level surface.

1). Convert the printer off and take out the energy twine kind the printer.

2). While experiencing the again of the printer you will see the ADF cable coming from the back of the ADF to the scanner command board. There are two screws that require to be removed on the cover to obtain the scanner control board. When the go over is eliminated there is a grounding screw that ought to be eliminated. Now the two cables can be disconnected. Just before removing the cable consider notice of the way the cable is routed by means of the cable holder into the scanner mattress.

3). Open the ADF assembly like you have been heading to make a duplicate on the flatbed scanner and lift the ADF off of the scanner. The ADF assembly has been calibrated to work with the scanner on which it is put in. If you have been to change the ADF unit or set up it on one more flatbed scanner, that scanner will have to be calibrated to with that ADF.

4). Raise the scanner assembly to the up place. Whilst facing the front of the printer, you can now take out the front edge flange. This piece runs throughout the best entrance of the flatbed and will just snap out.

5). On the lookout at the top left facet of the flatbed, on the paper exit side eliminate the two screws that keep the scanner carriage lock go over.

6).Struggling with the rear of the printer, get rid of the screw on the much still left which is the proper facet scanner cover.

7). Close the major cover and take away the two screws from the leading which maintain the remaining scanner protect in put. Use a magnetized screwdriver to keep away from dropping these two screws. There is a spring situated around the rear of this go over that is not captive. Take treatment not to shed the spring when removing the cover.

8). Now you will see a metal plate with a collection of holes in it. There are three holes that are greater than the rest and that is where the 3 screws will have to have to be eliminated from.

9). Dealing with the rear of the printer, take away one particular FFC (flat flexible cable), and the connector to remaining of it on the scanner management board.

10). Going through the front of the printer, slide the scanner a bit to the correct and then lift it up off of the printer. Warning: Make positive you do not launch the scanner latch when the scanner assembly is taken off. The fuel shocks that guidance the scanner assembly can damage the sheet metal scanner assembly system if the platform is lifted when the scanner assembly is not installed.

When you are prepared to reinstall the scanner be guaranteed to align the mark on the scanner assembly with the mark on the control panel to accurately placement the scanner assembly. With the scanner assembly appropriately positioned on the sheet metallic platform, slide the assembly towards the still left aspect of the MFP until it locks into spot.

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