Crepe Paper Streamers – Unique Ways to Use a Classic Party Staple

Nothing says it’s time to step back and have some fun than the sight of crepe paper streamers profusely declaring the festive feel of an event. Streamers are a great party staple due to their versatility and inexpensiveness, allowing you to accomplish a great deal with relatively little.

Using crepe paper streamers you can create your own message in scrolled letters by simply curving and taping the streamers in the shape of the appropriate words. This would be especially useful when you need to have a large title that stands out, such as at a large dance. If you are working in a large gymnasium, or another facility with relatively high ceilings, you might get some tall ladders and do the message on the ceiling. The convenient thing about this is that it would not require much to make a statement. For instance, for a prom you might simply put the year of the graduating class. You could do your message in a dark color and then use white or some other light, complementary shade of streamer to simply cascade from the central message, making a smooth transition from ceiling to walls and reinforcing your ceiling message as the focal point.

If you simply want a classy ceiling but with an original twist, you can layer the streamers. This can by done best by picking a focal point such a a chandelier or central hanging light fixture. Start by simply attaching numerous streamers to the focal point and then twist and attach each at a set height around the room. To create the layered effect you simple get another set of streamers, and starting again from the focal point, twist the next layer the same and attach each of these second layer streamers in between and a foot or so below two of the streamers from the initial layer.

If you’re throwing a school-related party you might consider combining the school’s colors back-to back and then twisting and hanging them as you would a conventional streamer. Doing this lends a neater, more dynamic appearance to the streamers than you might get by simply hanging the colors separately. If you want to be a little more complex you can make a pattern using both the colors separately and then both intertwined. In other words, if a=color 1, b=color 2, and c= the 2 colors combined, you might hang them the crepe paper steamers in alternating lines such as a-c-b-a-c-b or a-c-b-c-a-c-b. When you do this you might also consider hanging the streamers diagonally across the room.

Mary J. Gibson

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