Feng Shui Strategies for Bedrooms

Use the powers of feng shui to slumber better, be a lot more energized and successful, and improve your adore daily life. The bedroom is critical due to the fact it is there that we recharge and get all set for a new working day. Finding a good night’s slumber is essential to our wellbeing and well-staying.

Bedrooms also find the money for privateness. It might be the spot exactly where a child retains their treasures and dreams, or it can be your put of intimacy with your husband or wife. Feng shui claims that troubles in the bed room from all sorts of sources can be traced to how your space is organized. Bedrooms should have a lot more yin energy than yang. Yin is passive and encourages leisure, whilst yang electricity is forceful and energizing. Making use of your bedroom for other applications like do the job can also attribute to yang energy.

Examine on to uncover what to prevent, how to work around the constraints of the home and how to generate the very best feng shui you can in your bedroom.

Excellent places for a feng shui bed room are southeast, east, west, northwest or north of the home’s middle. Bedrooms positioned to the south, southwest or northeast of the home’s heart really should be avoided if doable.

Bed room Don’ts

Workout tools and work out room Office equipment and get the job done room

Work and work out are equally extremely critical, but they should really not consider position in the bed room. These functions equally make a great deal of yang electricity, which is disruptive in a sleeping setting. If there is no other place for your training gear or office environment supplies, consider to include them up at night so they are not visible reminders of what is waiting around for you when you get up.


Lots of people today set a Tv set in their bedroom, but not only do they disrupt slumber, they disrupt relationships. You want to be able to hook up with your husband or wife in the bed room, not the late evening motion picture. Televisions give off electromagnetic waves as effectively that are not a wholesome thing for the bedroom.


Mirrors make it complicated to get rid of old feelings since they replicate chi back again at you while you are sleeping.

Sharp corners and edges

Furnishings with sharp edges and vegetation that have jagged leaves interrupt the movement of chi. Smooth and round shapes are a great deal much more conducive to rest and yin strength.

Hard, shiny surfaces

Metal, mirrors and shiny stone surfaces like marble will provide to make the chi transfer quicker. This is the reverse predicament you need to have when you might be striving to loosen up and sleep.


It is superior feng shui to have a mattress raised up off the floor on a bed body so that air and chi can circulate beneath it. If you want this area for storage, it allows if the stored materials are sleep-similar and that it would not want to be dug out and employed far too regularly. If you are trying to become pregnant, never make it a precedence to cleanse beneath the bed. If the chi accumulates less than the mattress, it can assist.

King mattresses

King size beds call for a split appropriate down the middle because two box springs are demanded to support the mattress. This also creates a break up involving you and your partner. To repair this split, wrap the two box springs with a substantial piece of purple material or locate a equipped sheet significant ample to cover both of those of them. Location the mattress on best as normal.

Electric power

Try out to continue to keep electrical wires and stores away from your head when you rest.

Unmade beds

In feng shui, like lots of other traditions, unmade beds convey negative energy.

Bed room Do’s

  • See the dawn: If the dawn can be witnessed from your mattress, you will provide in extremely robust, constructive chi vitality.
  • A round vase of steel holding red bouquets: Situate this vase in the west facet of the bedroom to increase amorous adventures.
  • Wood bed frames and/or headboards: Wood neutralizes the circulation of chi, especially all over your head. This can help you take it easy and get a great night’s snooze.
  • Normal fiber bedding: Mattress linens of cotton, silk or linen are the best choices for sleeping. The finest coloration choices to carry in yin electrical power are shades of rose or pink with round styles.
  • Unclutter it!: Whilst this is legitimate for the complete dwelling, a neat and tidy bedroom allows you slumber better.
  • Mattress site: Ideal directions to spot your bed consist of having your head stage north if you are older, or east for youngsters. Other instructions will support in distinct regions of your life. For case in point, possessing your head place southeast will support foster interaction and creativeness. Southwest creates more settled relationships. West promotes superior rest, romance and enhanced prosperity. Northwest helps you come to feel a lot more regulate in your life.

Putting your mattress so your head factors south or northeast may end result in panic or nightmares. The electrical power from these two instructions is unstable, entire of activity and can be incredibly highly effective.

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