How Relationship Problems Affect Your Work Performance

In this new era, the need to keep and develop within your job is one vital survival ingredient, when we are experiencing economic uncertainty or a crisis. But outside sources may hamper the way we perform at work.

There are several vital signs that a relationship problem is starting to affect the way you work:


1. Long hours at the Office

To many people, work is the solution to avoiding problems at home. We all have seen or know someone who suddenly only focuses on work, and spends extra hours at the office.


Many people resent this, because it shows other employees up, and perhaps does not even prove that the persons performance is better than anyone else’s. People work well at their own speed, a “stay on at the office” type, may not be working as efficiently or well, despite the long hours.


2. Narrow-mindedness

An unhappy person may resent others happiness, especially when they are in a relationship problem, themselves. This can lead to personal criticism, and even “moral” Judgments on others. This creates a negative atmosphere around a person, and if these “judgments,” start to be based on jealousy, rather than beliefs, it can create pressures inside the workplace.


3. Mood Swings

Coming into work happy, and slowly as it the clock ticks towards the end of the working day, moods begin to turn from happiness to depression are a  classic sign of an employee in trouble. Work is some kind of escape, but only temporary, as the work day does eventually end.


4. Absenteeism

An increasing level of absenteeism is a sure sign something is very wrong. No one is expected to have a perfect attendance record, but continued absenteeism is one sure warning sign.


5. Alcohol Problems

Alcohol problems often stem from unhappiness, if someone increasingly prefers to drink in a bar, rather than go home. This tends to be more a classic male problem, were the warmth of a bar often substitutes the cold chill of an unhappy home. But it leads to more problems, and can destroy careers.


6. Excessive Shopping


Whilst traditionally Males always have the bar to go to, Women often find solace in shopping. Shopping does help our economies, but excessive shopping often are a sign of unhappiness, even revenge.


As the beer bottle becomes an unhappy Male partners friend, the shopping mall and credit card can be an unhappy female partners worse enemy. Self-esteem through shopping, could be another form of escaping from a relationship problem.


If you really are unhappy in a relationship, the only solution is to find a way to solve the problem. Whether it is to end a relationship, and accept the consequences or find a way to patch up any differences between you.


If you value your job and career, the earlier you do this, the more chance you will feel happier about yourself.

Mary J. Gibson

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