Infrared Heaters Reviews – Sun Cloud Solar Comfort KD8000 Portable Infrared Heater

Sun Cloud Solar Comfort Heaters boast having the most proven technology of providing the most reliable and safe heat on the market.

The KD8000 model comes complete with 204 improved VenturisAir ™ tubes as part of their heating process with a combination of four 375 watt infrared lamps. This technology ensures even and consistent heating from wall to ceiling.

Through testing, the Solar Comfort heater uses up to 35% less energy than a conventional furnace/baseboard system. With the costs of other sources of heat, the KD8000 provides users with the most savings.

This heater does not emit any gasses or fumes and is perfectly safe heat. Air heated by Solar Comfort does not suspend solid particles. Most of the dust and/or smoke will dissipate. It helps maintain, while not adding, humidity into the environment.

The Solar Comfort is so safe, that hazardous materials may be stored next to it without any problem. It is perfectly safe for children and pets, as well.

The heater’s efficiency is based on the distribution of energized air and water molecules. It does not depend on undependable high-speed airflow with a fan.

The infrared heater is virtually maintenance-free. Combined with the lifetime filter, the three year warranty, and the industrial infrared bulbs that are replaced with inexpensive ease, users will enjoy the Solar Comfort infrared heater in their homes for years to come.

Sun Cloud Solar Comfort KD8000 Portable Infrared Heater Features

  • Provides energy efficient, quiet operation
  • Heats up to 8x more area than other 1500W heaters
  • Offers clean heat that doesn’t remove oxygen or humidity
  • Lifetime filter
  • Heats up to 800 square feet at 1500watts
  • Nice, sturdy design that fits along beautifully with other furniture

Sun Cloud Solar Comfort KD8000 Portable Infrared Heaters Consumer Reports

Mostly, reviews for the Sun Cloud Solar Comfort Infrared heater are either positive or negative. There are not a lot of individuals who appeared feeling neutral about this product.

The positive comments included that it worked just fine, probably as other models of its kind would. Some users said that it really did save them money after several months of using it. They enjoyed the warmth it brought to the room.

The negative comments mentioned that there is no need for the thermostat dial, as the unit really just runs all the time or none of the time. They feel as though the Sun Cloud unit does not keep any room consistently warm. Customers felt that it made the room dry and that it is actually more expensive to run.

The only thing that customers agree on is that customer service leaves a lot to be desired in friendly and prompt customer service standards. There were two different users who specified that they had to return their unit in the 60 day period and that the period had run out by the time the next unit had failed them.

The users who enjoyed their ‘Sun Cloud’ experience liked most everything about the unit and is completely satisfied. With everything else, consumers must research the product they are hoping to buy to ensure that all of their needs will be met.

If the Sun Cloud Solar Comfort KD8000 is what you’re after, we recommend you buy from Amazon, as they offer free shipping on this item.

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