Magnifying Lamp – Meaning & Uses

There are so many things that we can not see from our naked eyes such as- bacteria, germs, small particles present in the air and so many other things. The tiny things that are existing in our surrounding may cause disadvantages and sometimes may lead to disadvantages as well. To decide the proactive course of measures we need to know that who are our actual enemies that can cause damage to us and various things that are related to us.

If we want to see the harmful stuff we need to have something that can give us a bigger view of the object or that can enlarge the image for better visuals. In our day to day life we must have been encountered with the magnifiers that the doctors use. Mostly the doctors apply magnifying glasses to sort out the smallest reasons that cause damage to our health. For illustration the dentists use the magnifying glasses to trace out the hidden cavity between the tooth and the gums. The ulterior motive behind using a magnifier is making an image bigger and better.

Magnifier is a scientific device that amplifies an image or object that leads to better picture or clarity. The glass greatly magnifies the objects that come across it. The magnifiers are used in the spectacles that provide the good view of the object to the user who is unable to see the objects with naked eyes. The day to day examples of the magnifying glasses are listed as:

1. At Home

You will find your grand parents and sometimes other family members who have weaker eyesight are using it.

2. At Hospitals/ Clinics

The physicians, dentists, surgeons, and most of the other medical professionals use it to trace the small wounds and germs, etc.

3. At Research Area

The scientists and other researchers use the magnifying lenses to read or see the small inscriptions that are relevant for the researches. The main examples of it are NASA, and other Forensic Labs.

4. At Historical Findings

The people that are engaged in evolution or earth, the ancient civilizations, the very old manuscripts, sign language, etc. use it to blow up the written scripts so that they can see, read, understand and interpret the material information clearly.

So going through the above article you will be able to make out the persons using it. A magnifier has the ability to enlarge the object for number of times by zooming it. The zooming ability of magnifiers is denoted in X.

Mary J. Gibson

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