The LED Light Will Be the Mainstream of City Illumination

Light is the main constituent element of the city illumination. The traditional street lamps utilize the high pressure sodium lamp which wastes so much resource; therefore, developing the efficient and environmental protective light is very important. As the new illumination source of street lamp, the LED has so many advantages.

Firstly, the LED is short for light emitting diode which has long service life. The life has reached twenty-five thousand hours when its luminous flux reduces to eighty percent. The service life of the metal halide lamp is six thousand to twelve thousand hours, and the high pressure sodium lamp can work for twelve thousand hours.

Secondly, the LED is a kind of semiconductor material which is put on a frame with line. The material is sealed by the epoxy resin which protects the light; therefore, it is aseismic.

Thirdly, the color of LED lighting is better than the traditional one. People can see the objects easier in high color temperature.

Fourthly, the LED is able to implement the lighting adjustment. The current is always proportionate to light emission, so the light can be adjusted by change the current. What is more, the frequent open and off have less influence on the performance of the light.

Fifth, the luminous flux loss of LED light is the least among all kinds of lights. Unlike the traditional light resources which are emitting in the entire space, the LED is emitting in half-space. When the reflector is used, the lighting loss can not be avoided. Therefore, the utilization rate of LED lighting resource is better than the traditional resources. Beside, mercury is not existed in the LED light, which will not destroy the environment when it is used up.

Currently, the investment is still the main problem of LED illumination development. The efficiency is improving, while its price is reducing. Compared with the normal energy which is becoming less and harmful, the LED light is environmental protective. Therefore, the LED light will be the mainstream of street lamps. The related integrated circuit is MAXC001.

Mary J. Gibson

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