Ways Teens and Kids Make Money – Let Web Design Decorate Your Bank Account

Teens and kids all want a bit of extra money and finding ways to make that money can be a challenge. For the computer savvy teen though, there exists unique opportunities and a huge market for their skills.

The Internet presents a wide open market that grows more rapidly every year. Perhaps you are one of those teens who have grown up being in very close contact to this new digital age, and like many others have marketable skills in web design, and programming.

Even more important is that the demand for these skills at affordable prices is growing very quickly, due to the fact that everyone is getting online, and wants to be a part of this new interactive community.

Chances are you know a large number of people that either have or want a MySpace page, blog, or website of their own. Since not everybody has the knowledge to create these personal virtual spaces, or wants their space to look unique, they will often look for someone that has the knowledge to create these sites for them. Since designers can be very expensive, with single page designs demanding top dollar, there is a need for competent affordable design services.

Depending on your skills, be prepared to offer a wide range of services, such as MySpace layouts, installing and creating custom skins for blogs, and designing websites. Offering graphics such as logos and buttons can also create a small source of income if you have the skills to create them. Be willing to work with the customer, helping them learn to use what you have designed for them will go a long way. Remember many of these clients are new to the Internet and need not just your technical skills but your advice as well.

Check around the Internet to get an idea of how to set your prices, but also take into account what people in your area can afford. These services often go for premium prices; putting them out of the range of the average teen or working class person, so use this to your advantage.

Typically your first clients will be your friends, and perhaps the parents of your friends to start with, do a good job for them and word will spread, soon you will have more work than you know what to do with. Be sure to have your own personal website if you do not already, this will not only show others what you can do, but will give you a base from which to work as your business grows.

Ask your clients to keep a link on their site, to yours, giving you credit for your work, this in fact is standard practice in the design world. Also ask them to write up a review for you, these reviews and links to their site, will help your business grow beyond your circle of friends.

Once you have built up a portfolio of your work, searching for websites that allow you to advertise your services can be a great next step. Keep your prices reasonable as you build up a base of customers and fine tune your skills, once you have built up a good reputation for yourself, you can adjust your prices accordingly.

Web design is a highly competitive field, but for the computer savvy teen it still provides an excellent opportunity to earn a great income, while building their own business and skills for the future.

Mary J. Gibson

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