What to Expect From Wood Floor Restoration?

Wood floor restoration covers a vast provision. It covers so many different elements that joined together make one of the most incredible services. It is important that if you are considering a restoration project that you are equipped with the knowledge about what to expect. This knowledge will mean you can reduce any stress. It will also mean that you can get more from the project. Knowledge is power and to get the best value for money, appreciation of the process will leave you in the best possible position.

Firstly, you should expect to invest time into finding a wood floor sanding and restoration expert. Spending time looking into this will pay dividends to the overall finish. Best-served professionals will be incredibly passionate about the process. They will have invested in buying the best-available machinery, tools and products. It is OK to ask questions about these. Look for reviews and testimonials that should offer further confidence.

Once you have chosen your preferred company you should expect to arrange a survey for your wood floors. This survey will allow the company to identify the type of wood floor, any repairs that may need to be completed and any challenges that may be faced. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and to familiarise yourself with the company. They will be looking to make a plan that will exhaustively outline the process from start to finish.

Once the survey process is complete you should expect to receive a written quotation. This will outline the exact findings from the survey. It will give an exact price to complete the work with any explanation. It is important that it is a detailed document so that you know exactly what work is and is not going to be carried out. This leaves you equipped if there are any queries throughout the process.

If you choose to accept the quotation a date for should be arranged for the scheduled work. Your chosen company will start by protecting the surrounding areas. This may include skirting, kickboards and fitted furniture. This will ensure that no damage is caused throughout the sanding process. Different tools and machinery will be used to sand the old coatings from the floor’s surface. The time needed for this process will depend on the level of deterioration and damage. It is important to achieve a seamlessly smooth finish, ready for your chosen wood finish.

Wood finish products have come on so much in recent years. Your floor sander should be in the position to offer advice on what finish will best achieve the appearance you are looking for. This may mean a combination of products. However, you should expect to be left with a natural-looking, hard-wearing wood floor. Furthermore, you should be left with advice on how best to care for your floor. Part of achieving true value for money is being able to get the most from your floors. Ask for advice on wood cleaning products and tips on spot cleaning and general maintenance.

It is always as a good idea to build a good working relationship with your chosen floor sanding company. You will get the most from your wood floors and you can request details on a maintenance programme that will facilitate this.

This information has been put together in order to outline what you can expect from the wood floor restoration process. There are variations to this such as wood repairs and board replacements. However, the ultimate goal in to ensure you select a specialist who can skilfully restore your wooden floors to like new.

Mary J. Gibson

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