A Windmill For Every Rooftop Vs A Chicken For Every Pot

Back in the late 20’s when times were tough and the depression was in full swing, they say Herbert Hoover coined the slogan that if elected there would be a “Chicken in Every Pot”. Historians may or may not conclude that the term was no more than a campaign slogan, but the thought still provokes the vision that everyone should be able to afford food to feed their families.

In today’s times our thoughts are more along the lines of conserving energy and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. A Windmill for every rooftop should be more in line with that line of thinking. As a nation, we are tied too closely to other countries on the world stage which erodes our ability as leaders in the global marketplace. If we were less reliant on fossil fuels for our energy needs, we may be in a better position financially and strategically.

This strategy can be applied not only to commercial based models, but residential as well. Technology to convert wind and solar energy to residential power exists today. The more these ideals become main stream, the more they will permeate our society and drive the markets to develop cost effective solutions for the typical homeowner.

Today, there are more and more entrepreneurs developing systems that are becoming available for purchase. Even more individuals are making available plans and kits to make own home based wind generating systems. Although wind is not available a 100% of the time, these systems can store energy in battery type units that will enable the homeowner to supplement normal energy consumption.

Even some cities are putting pilot programs in place to enable the use of wind based systems to supplement power grids. As of this writing, Paris France, is instituting one such program across four neighborhoods. As part of this program, the systems are designed to be less intrusive to the landscape to help maintain the traditional look and feel of the skylines.

As each country tries to wean themselves off of fossil fuels, the strategy of looking to renewable energy sources to power our home does not only rest with governments, but the people that live in each corner of the world. Over time, the convergence of demand, economics and technology will help drive the market to a more sustainable future using renewable resources for our energy needs. As stewards of our planet, it is up to us to find ways to maintain a responsible position in keeping the delicate balance between man and nature. A windmill for every rooftop may be just the slogan we need in today’s economic and ecological climate.

Mary J. Gibson

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