Advantages of Linen Fabric. Why It Is Such a Big Hit Now in Interiors. Beddding and Clothing?

Forget those stiff white linen napkins that you have seen in restaurants – these napkins often look like sheets of metal after car crash! No that is not contemporary linen. Contemporary linen is soft and prewashed – it creases but it does not look anything like those horrible white napkins in restaurants. With quality linen, those creases on the linen are soft and not sharp like they used to be!

Linen fabric has a solid history and it dates back to Egypt, approximately 4 000 years ago. Linen has been an expensive fabric since it has been more difficult to manufacture than other fibres. It has been used in clothing and soft furnishing by wealthier people. Simply because it is just the most gorgeous fabric on the earth!

Even without organic certification – linen fabric is an ecological choice!

Linen is a natural fabric and even though it would not have an organic certification it is very close to organic fabric since only very little fertilizers are used in the cultivation process. During the spinning and weaving process there is typically no chemicals used and the few remaining residues of fertilizers are washed away. This applies to natural colour linen fabric especially. Of course in bleaching and dyeing processes some chemicals have to be used unless the fabric is dyed with plant based dyes.

The most fashionable linen curtains and linen bedding are now 100% washed linen!

Linen fabric is more popular than ever! The most fashionable curtains right now are the ones which have a very relaxed washed linen look. They can even be creased – do not stress if your linen curtains gets some charming “wrinkles” – they are just part of the charm – although ironing will get rid of these of course. Buy your curtains even little bit longer to puddle on the floor in order to achieve the ultimate relaxed linen look! When you have bought your first pair of linen curtains – we can guarantee that you will fall in love with linen like we have and you will be wanting to buy more and more linen. Next step to a contemporary chic home is to get 100% linen fabric bedding and bedspreads. Linen duvet covers are everywhere now – you do not necessarily need that formal bed spread anymore when you have those gorgeous linen duvet covers and sheets! Linen sheets are the ultimate luxury bedding and it feels so right and natural on skin.

Once you have started dressing your home with linen fabric – it is just impossible to buy anything else anymore. Other fabrics just does not look as good than linen. It is not shiny like silk but in our opinion that is why it is so beautiful and is the right choice for the contemporary interiors! It is a relaxed material and ironing linen is the past – soft prewashed linen does not need ironing. It won’t crease in the same way than those old school linens which were not soft – the trendiest linens are soft and prewashed.

High Maintenance Linen Fabric in Clothing is so old news!

In the past also linen clothing was considered to be very high maintenance – not anymore – all finishes which are available for linen fabric today guarantee that you can really just “wash and go” and you do not have to worry about ironing the clothes. Linen clothes are beautiful and ultimately fashionable with tumbled soft linen look – those stiff linen clothes are history. You can find nowadays gorgeous linen dresses, shirts and pants even men’s suits in the high street shops which are reasonable priced, good quality and easy care.

Whereas cotton fabric pants get weaker much faster than linen – you can wear the linen pants about 2 times longer if the fabric is about the same weight. Linen is 2-3 times stronger fibre compared to cotton! So it is a truly ecological choice regarding longevity as well! Linen clothes and soft furnishing are made to last. Flax fabrics fibres have the highest heat conductivity of any fabric and have the ability to cool down skin temperature. In those hot summer days or on your beach holiday linen shirt or dress is the perfect choice if you think there might be a chance that you might be sweating. And it still feels very comfortable. Linen fabric will keep the body nice and cool in summer and warm in winter.

So what there is not to like about natural linen fabric clothing, linen curtains and beautiful 100% linen bedding ?

Not much really! Only thing might be that it will cost you a fraction more compared to man-made fibres but it is so worth it and it just looks stunning and timeless in clothing and home furnishing!

Mary J. Gibson

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