Instantly Update the Design of a Bathroom by Replacing Vanity Units

Vanity units come in many different styles to complete the look of any bathroom design. The design themes throughout the home’s other rooms can be carried to the bathroom for continuity. Vanities come in many styles to fit a larger design theme. It varies from French country to modern minimalist to designs that mimic period architecture.

Vanity units, in addition to hiding the plumbing below a faucet and sink, can add storage space for toiletries and bathroom cleaning supplies. Although they can be very utilitarian in their purpose, they can be very beautifully designed to be bathroom furniture. Compact or long and wide, a vanity can be a beautiful piece of furniture to fit in a very essential room of a house. Ease of cleaning and maintenance, as well as storage, are important considerations through the lifetime of the bathroom. Differences of materials from a wide array of colors to the look of finished natural wood will all make a very different statement in the same room. Styles can also extend to different time periods. The beauty of a vanity designed to look as if it was from a Victorian period home – although ironically not known for technological advancements in indoor plumbing – the design can still evoke the feeling and design as if it had been contemporary in the Victorian era. Combining different styles

When remodeling an existing bathroom or designing a new bathroom, plumbing fixtures will need to be laid out before cabinets and furniture. Sinks, showers, toilets, and their necessary plumbing need to be connected to the buildings plumbing system. Although they may be moved to some degree, there will be limitations of changes to the layout according to electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems in existing walls. Even if replacing the vanity is part of a larger bathroom remodeling project, a vanity design should be carefully considered. Does the vanity fit the larger design of the bathroom? The design style of a vanity can be far more flexible than the layout of the physical dimensions.

Designing for a small bathroom presents unique challenges. Bathroom vanity designs are often underestimated for the strong design statements they can make. Vanities are often considered an afterthought in small bathrooms, where they are expected to just fit in the small space and hide plumbing, but they can make bold design statement. Designing an entire bathroom can be done with the vanity as a cornerstone of the design. A well crafted vanity can be a fine piece of furniture for a bathroom whether a guest powder room or a primary bathroom shared by the household.

Conventional wisdom suggests that light colors for the walls are better for smaller rooms, and color for the furniture should be similar light colors. Making a bold vanity design or vanity in a bold color the focal point can be done despite breaking some long held design rules. Don’t underestimate the ability to utilize the walls for design. Whether it is a bold, solid color, or an effect of a design with more than one color, paint can transform a room. This space can also be used to display a collection of objects mounted on the wall or on top of shelves on the wall. Framed art can also be beautifully displayed on the walls in whimsical way whether photographs, drawings, or paintings. Avoiding clutter and deliberate placement of every object can make for a beautiful modern design.

If you are tired of your bathroom in need of a makeover, simply replacing the vanity units can transform the entire look of any bathroom. With so many available styles, the right vanity can inspire you to design a beautiful room.

Mary J. Gibson

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