Several Tips For Using a Digital Clamp Meter and Multimeter

Measuring the electrical current, you will need to insert the meter to the circuit. In most instances, you can open up the wiring connections, whether it is live or not, it is impractical and also hazardous. In measuring the AC current, you may use the clamp meter. It surrounds the wire and also uses the magnetic field in determining the current. It is safe, quick and also accurate. The modern digital clamp meters will act just like the two meters in one: They will do the standard measurements for the voltage and also resistance, and they will also use a clamp in order to measure the AC current. Here is more information for you.

For the first step, you can turn your multimeter on and then set it in order to read the AC current.

For the second step, you can use your clamp meter in order to measure the current in the household two-wire lamp cord. After that, turn your lamp on. Then, open and close it therefore it will surround the power cord of your lamp. Remember to not pinch a wire inside the clamp parts that will meet together. Though a lamp is on, you must be reading nearly the zero current. As the clamp will be around the two conductors that are carrying the current in the opposite directions, the magnetic fields will cancel out.

For the next step, you need to prepare the extension cord by separating two parallel conductors. You need to separate them for the length of about a foot. Do not forget to check that a copper wire is still insulated and also not exposed.

For the last step, plug an extension cord into the wall outlet and then connect your lamp into an extension. After that, turn your lamp on and then close the clamp meter around one conductor’s extension. You must get the clear current reading between.5 and 1.5 amps. As the clamp will surround only one of the conductors, you may get the accurate reading. Whenever you will use the clamp, it should surround only the single conductor; the multiple conductors can distort the reading. When you are testing the meter, you can unplug an extension cord from your lamp and then discard the cord.

Mary J. Gibson

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