The Divine Conqueror in You – Subduing the Kingdom of Darkness in Your Territory

The magnitude of spiritual stagnation in the body of Christ is alarming. A great number of pastors no longer teach the deeper knowledge of the kingdom: the growth in Christian authority and might. Prosperity teaching appears to have taken priority over developing the glory of God’s kingdom within us. Christians hardly venture out from the four walls of the church into the neighborhoods and communities across America.

Spiritual stagnation has resulted in the deterioration of homes and communities, hopelessness and despair, lack and insufficiency, feelings of abandonment and rejection, and above all spiritual decline among Christian believers. Instead of having a sense of dominion and authority over the kingdom of darkness and glorifying God, millions of believers have taken on a victim-consciousness. They fear circumstances, conditions as well as man. They fear the harassment of hostile environments. Therefore both they and their surroundings are held captive by the kingdom of darkness.

However, a believer sins against the kingdom of God when he fails to take authority over his home, neighborhood and community. Our mission is to subdue the earth with the divine dominion we have been given through Christ, the divine conqueror within us. Therefore, we must activate the divine conqueror if we desire to please God in the earth. The most magnificent fact is that the divine conqueror has already conquered Satan’s kingdom and has given the earth to the saints of God. Nevertheless, we as Christian believers must claim what’s already ours.

The objective the divine conqueror is to operate through the Christian believer who trusts in him. Without this trust, it is impossible to demonstrate God’s glory over the kingdom of darkness. If we don’t rely on the divine conqueror to overthrow Satan’s territory surrounding us, God will hold us responsible. This is once again a sin against the kingdom of God. God has ordained his people to establish “peaceable habitation, sure dwellings and quiet resting places”, according the biblical scripture. Therefore, as Christians we must demonstrate the glory of God by creating peaceable environments, which includes our homes, neighborhoods and communities within our circle of influence.

The divine conqueror within you acts as the ultimate cause for the kingdom of God on earth. Christian believers who trust in him are able to redeem the time or restore the world back to its original form. According to biblical scripture, the earth awaits the revelation of the Sons of God. The restoration rings true for all situations, conditions and surrounding circumstances. Since the kingdom of darkness is integrated in the operations of the world, it manipulates situations, conditions and people. Therefore, the believer must activate the divine conqueror in order to disclose and destroy the works of darkness in his life and affairs.

The divine conqueror within the believer empowers him to resurrect God’s divine goodness in people, situations and conditions. For example, if a Christian’s home is in upheaval, perpetuated by rebellious teenagers, abusive spouses or animosity and depression, those who possess the knowledge of the divine conqueror have the authority to restore unity and peace back into the home. He becomes a law unto the kingdom of darkness. This means that all demonic activity in the home must cease without reservation. The same authority and dominion can be exercised in the neighborhood, community and nation. However, as indicated by the magnitude of spiritual stagnation in the body of Christ, millions of saints are unaware that they possess such power and responsibility. Nevertheless, this divine wisdom and knowledge must be made known to the saints of God at all cost. The rapid advancement of the kingdom of darkness allows no time to postpone this knowledge through denominational restraints.

The responsibility lies with those who govern the platforms of their churches, including bishops, apostles, pastors, preachers and teachers. To continue teaching the basic principles of the gospel will produce millions of babes that are no match for the devices of Satan and his demonic hosts. Believers in Christ must be aware of the divine conquer within them who has already conquered the kingdom of darkness over two thousand years ago. The work of Christ the divine conqueror is finished. Therefore, we must go fourth taking the kingdoms of the world by storm and reclaiming the heritage God intended for us in the beginning of creation.

Mary J. Gibson

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