Things to Do in Malta – Mild Winter Holidays

Malta is known for its hot summer sun and everything related to its surrounding blue Mediterranean sea, such as water sports and diving. As a result, flocks of tourists visit the Maltese islands during the May to September season in an attempt to sit back, relax and enjoy the summer sun! So, a visit to the island during its winter months may prove to be a quieter, calmer and perhaps more rewarding sort of holiday in Malta.

Since Malta’s winter is rather mild, it allows for the hills to be greener. One can enjoy the countryside by means of hiking, walking or cycling – an activity which is usually difficult in the hot summer months. Countryside walks have become a highlight for many tourists visiting Malta, and for this reason, specific guide books have been created for the tourist who wishes to explore the quiet rural areas of the island by providing directions through rural paths and towns.

Malta Sightseeing

During this time of year, taking in Malta’s spectacular culture would be ideal since the old villages and monuments are less busy with tourists, and the temperature is cooler. The oldest and most impressive structures are the prehistoric temples, the largest of which are located in Qrendi (ĦaÄ¡ar Qim and Mnajdra Temples), Tarxien (Tarxien Temple) and Gozo (Ggantija Temple). Dating from c.5000BC, the temples are actually older than the Egyptian pyramids! A definite must-see!

Since Malta is very small, transportation is often unnecessary and one can view all, or most, of a town or city on foot. Valletta and Mdina, for instance, are incredible localities that merit a visit. By simply walking around, one can appreciate the historic buildings and distinct character of each city. Valletta contains within its walls the Grandmaster’s Palace, Auberge de Castille, St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the National Museum of Archaeology, the Fine Arts Museum, Malta’s National Theatre (The Manoel Theatre) and a host of other historical buildings, not to mention one of Malta’s shopping high-streets, all at a short walking-distance from one another.

Mdina is no less stunning. Mdina itself is known as the ‘silent city’ and contains series of winding narrow roads through which cars are not allowed to pass. Walking through the former capital allows for the appreciation of historical buildings, the possibility of dining in some of the most up-town Malta restaurants and cafés, as well as spectacular views of the island off its bastions.

With regards to indoor activities, the several museums of Malta that range from archaeology to classic cars are sure to keep someone busy for a series of days! Furthermore, the theatre scene is bustling all year round with selections of classical concerts, operas, drama, musicals and comedy. In fact, it has become popular to go and enjoy a light meal and bottle of wine at local wine bars following a show at one of Malta’s Theatres. Wining and Dining in Malta is of course not limited to such wine bars and extends to all sorts of cuisine scattered in every locality on the island, the most prominent being that of Mediterranean cuisine.

If you simply wish to relax, the several spas across the island provide a perfect harmony of tranquility and well-being, in order to release you from the daily stresses of your routine back home. Unlike the packed summer beaches, spas provide a calm splendor for you, and your loved ones, to enjoy.

Mary J. Gibson

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