Is Your Bathroom Built to Support a Wall Hung Toilet Installation?

As its name suggests, a wall hung toilet is securely mounted to the bathroom wall. That being said, its water tank, drain system and other parts, except the bowl, are all concealed behind the wall. Because the water tank is hidden from one’s view, the toilet can reclaim several inches of precious floor space which is beneficial particularly to those working with a really small bathroom area.

A wall-mounted toilet can make a bathroom look stylish and modern compared to the drab look of the traditional floor-based toilet. It will also help facilitate the sweeping and mopping of the floor as the unit doesn’t have a bulky pedestal to slow down the cleaning process. While it is easier to maintain on the outside, making plumbing repairs when necessary will be more complicated as most of the toilets operating components are within the wall. With that in mind, it is always advised that you call a qualified plumber or any person adept in fixing such kind of toilet when you encounter leaking or other toilet problems.

A major feature that separates the wall-mounted toilet from the conventional toilets is its adjustable height. A floor-based unit typically comes with the same fixed seat level regardless of the height and weight of its user. In the case of a wall-mounted unit, you are allowed to adjust the unit to a height that is most comfortable to you. This comes as an advantage to families with elderly or handicapped members. By opting for the wall mount type of toilet, even those physically challenged won’t have a hard time using one.

The wall-mounted toilet makes use of the new dual flush system. This type of flush technology employs bigger trap ways to transport waste fast and efficiently while using less amount of water. This means saving money on water bills in the long run, which is of course something any homeowner would like to take advantage of.

Like any types of toilet, a wall-mounted toilet also requires certain safety precautions before installation. You need to make sure that the wall is solid and strong enough as it is where the main system components will be mounted. For major installation jobs such as this, it is best to leave them to the professionals so there won’t be any risk of damaging the bathroom as well as the toilet. Knowing that, always allow certified and licensed installer to accomplish the task. Even if it is possible, never attempt to carry on the installation on your own if you do not want to deal with costly repairs later on.

For additional information about wall mounted toilets, you can drop by the Plumbing Point website.

Mary J. Gibson

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