The Best Features to Include in Your Bathroom Design

The bathroom areas in your house should all be designed in a comfortable, spacious way in order for you to have a fresh, comfortable and private area. Using all the space in your bathroom wisely is very important when working on your layout. Separate shower units are a great way of using space wisely. It is also much cheaper to install a separate shower unit. All you need for installation is a bath.

Another thing to think about is the amount of foot space you will have while using the toilet. The environment must be spacious in order for it to be comfortable. Now let us talk about basins. Wall basins are great for saving space as they are fitted directly into the wall. Wall basin pedestals are very common and have a very aesthetical appearance. The pedestal does not, however support the basin so bear that in mind. Shroud basins are quite nice, as they are designed to conceal all plumbing. Vanity basins are the most common in family homes and apartments.

The self-rimming vanity basin is nice as it has support and looks nice, but the cupboard space beneath is usually wasted due to the basins bottom end and plumbing being in the cupboard it is built into. Above counter vanity basins are very fashionable and look very modern. If you are going for a vanity basin, this one is highly recommended as it uses space well. The semi recessed basin for the bathroom takes away the lost space of a self rimmed vanity basin by hanging over the edge of the cupboard. This does not however look very nice. Then of course you need to decide how many taps you want around your basin. Two taps are standard, but lately, the use of a single name has become very popular, this is easy to clean and looks smarter in the bathroom setting.

The only real tip you need in terms of colour and styling is to make the bathroom well lit where the separate shower unit is as it makes early morning showers feel fresher. Colour scheme is your choice, the use of lighter shades tend to make the room look bigger. Go for something that you like instead of what is fashionable, because you do not want to create the most fashionable bathroom that goes out of fashion 2 weeks later. This is your home, so put some of your own unique flare into it. If you use these tips, it will hopefully help you create the perfect home bathroom!

Mary J. Gibson

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